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 United States of America
  Listening LabOratory Brown University
Directed by: Philomena Bradford
A young woman mourns the recent passing of her mother. She surrounds herself with the objects that recorded her mother’s presence - the cassette player that captured her mother’s voice and the yellow dress that intimately molded itself to her mother’s still animate flesh. Aspects of the mother emerge on the stage. Some emergences are sensed by the young woman; others go unnoticed. A young woman intra-acts with Janus, the wise, two-headed god. The young woman is marked by, stamped by, and trapped by a memory of the mother. Her mother’s touch has receded; and yet, an indentation remains. Janus in her double form asks the young woman to consider what extends, what remains, in the absence of the touch. What does life look like in the absence of the touch? How does the young woman learn to live in the indentation?
Translated into English

      © Philomena Bradford