Waiting for Will
Kawai Project 

Directed by: Shoichiro Kawai
Cast: Takahide Tashiro, Haruo Takayama
Sound Design: Daisuke Hoshino, Junko Miyazaki
Light Design: Takayuki Tomiyama, Nobue Kikuchi
Technical Director: Satoshi Imai
Stage Managers: Masakazu Oda, Ken Yagisawa
Production Manager: Harumi Nakajima

Two elderly Shakespearean actors are waiting for “Will”. While waiting, they talk about their long career of performing various Shakespearean characters. They cherish their memories of having worked with important directors and actors in celebrated Shakespearean productions. They regret that their career must soon end because they are old. Their conversation is filled with famous lines from Shakespeare's plays, and they begin to play a game of guessing the sources for Shakespeare’s quotes. They quote from all the forty plays of Shakespeare’s, but “Will” does not seem to show up, and eventually one of the actors passes away. Left alone, the remaining actor realizes what “Will” really means. The play is based on Shakespeare’s ideas of memento mori and theatrum mundi and explores the spirit of acting in a somewhat Beckettian manner.

Performance in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 1h 30min
Date of premiere: 4.07.2018
Original title: Waiting for Will
Special effects: intermittent light

Shows and Tickets

24.06, 17:00

GONG Theatre - Downstairs Hall    1h 30min
60/40 LEI