„Faust” este primul spectacol sold-out la FITS 2022!

The first sold out performance at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) 2022 is “Faust”, “Radu Stanca” National Theatre of Sibiu’s impressive production. 

Even though its premiere took place 15 years ago, “Faust”, written by J. W. Goethe, and directed by Silviu Purcărete, continues to enthral theatre lovers worldwide and is the first sold-out performance of this year’s edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.
Celebrating its 29th edition, this year FITS takes place between June 24 and July 3, this year’s theme being BEAUTY, and the programme as well as tickets are available under: www.sibfest.ro
“I am proud that, yet again, a Romanian production, a production created here, in Sibiu, is among the most sought after in the FITS programme also this year. At the same time, tickets are sold at lightspeed and I wish to thank the FITS audience for its generosity and for the openness it manifests towards the most varied types of productions, from Japanese Noh to fado, from circus to concerts in places of worship, from well-known actors to young ones who are just starting out on their acting careers. Unfortunately, the performance venues in Sibiu have a capacity limited to a couple of hundred seats, so that those who postpone choosing the performances they would like to watch at FITS might be faced with the unpleasant surprise of not finding tickets anymore”, explained Constantin Chiriac, President of FITS and Manager of TNRS.

For the July 2 performance, tickets for “Faust” are already sold out, and spectators only have the chance of attending this performance as part of FITS on July 3, however, there are very few tickets left also in this case. 

Other performances from the Festival’s programme which are almost sold out, will be presented in short below. 

Mister Ibrahim and the flowers of the Quran, by and starring Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, offers the FITS audience not only an encounter with two special characters and their remarkable relationship, but also the privilege of watching this performance directed and performed by one of the world’s most appreciated creators.

Kiritza or the game of… - direction, choreography and free adaptation from the plays of Vasile Alecsandri by Gigi Căciuleanu – will be performed only once during FITS, on June 26, and the lovers of this cult-status character in the Romanian cultural space had better hurry if they like to meet Kiritza live as part of a performance authored by the Bucharest National Theatre!

The House is an adaptation from Maxim Gorki staged at the “Satiricus Ion Luca Caragiale” National Theatre by director Dumitru Acriș. The story told on stage is based on the relationship between parents and children, their hopes and dreams, maternal love, but also many of the challenges posed by any type of human relationship. Whom are we willing to sacrifice and for what scope?
One single performance, on June 26.

The Boss – a performance of the Avangardia Theatre, directed by Ricard Reguant, starring Șerban Pavlu and Cristi Iacob. The theme, as well as this duo of actors so beloved by the public, places the performance among those with most tickets sold at FITS 2022.

The American Dream by the Bucharest Comedy Theatre is an extraordinary acting performance signed by Tudor Chirilă and directed by Iarina Damian. On June 30, the FITS spectators will be taken to the land of all possibilities with the guaranteed promise of theatre at its best.

Clara Haskil – Prelude and Flight. It is no surprise that this performance will be among the first sold out ones at FITS 2022. The beautiful, and highly talented Laetitia Casta, brings to the stage of the Sibiu Philharmonic the story of the famous pianist of Romanian origin. The French actress is joined on stage by Isil Bengi, an award-winning pianist.

Macbeth is the second performance by TNRS on the list of best-selling performances at FITS 2022. Director Botond Nagy stages William Shakespeare’s famous play and presents us with a unique vision on the Macbeth – Lady Macbeth couple. 


FITS Department of Public Relations