FITS has put tickets on sale for its 30th edition!

On Tuesday, in Sibiu, during a press conference, Constantin Chiriac, President of FITS, announced the publication of the program of this year's edition, as well as the sale of tickets, starting April 26.
Starting tomorrow, tickets can be purchased both online, at, and physically, from the Ticket Agency located in Sibiu, at 17 Nicolae Bălcescu Street. 
An important aspect that Constantin Chiriac mentioned is that the price of tickets remains unchanged with regard to the previous edition, despite inflation and the doubling and, in some places, even tripling of some of the costs, and that a large part of the events feature free access or a discounted price, 30 lei. Discounts for certain vulnerable categories are also maintained. 
The President of FITS offered a brief presentation of the Festival, from its beginnings until the 30th edition, focusing on the themes of each year, after which he reviewed the associated structures that have enriched, over the years, the offer that FITS presents to its spectators.
This year's theme – MIRACLE – reflects the importance of FITS in the transformation of the community, the city, the Festival itself and the fact that, in present times, characterized by another range of interests, a small town performing arts festival has reached its 30th edition and sets, year after year, the agenda of the world cultural community. #PartOfTheMiracle is thus a reality for all those touched by FITS – artists, audiences, organizers, partners, community and, of course, the media. 
Two new sections come to complete FITS’ offer to the public in 2023: The Sibiu Season, and the "George Banu" Section. Moreover, this year's entire edition is dedicated to the memory of the great theater man and friend of the Festival. 
On April 26, starting 12 at noon, tickets go on sale. Here are some of the top shows present at FITS30: 

The Measure of the Impossible, a show written and directed by Tiago Rodrigues, current artistic director of the Avignon Festival (June 23 and 24)

The Flamenco Miracle – EstévezPaños y Compañía – a show that brings the best flamenco dancers on stage, to rhythms that ignite the blood and the imagination! The Spanish Ministry of Culture awarded this troupe the National Dance Award (June 23 and 24)
Water, What Joy! – Circus Baobab from Guinea present the most exciting contemporary circus show at FITS on June 24 and 25. 

Symphony and Light with Israel's Revolution Orchestra takes us from Chopin to Radiohead in a show that combines orchestral music, stage movement and video projections (June 26)

Guardian of the Soul - Far From The Norm | Botis Seva (UK) – an award-winning, acclaimed, unmissable hip-hop and dance show! June 28 and 29

The Last Supper - Milo Rau / NTGent – ​​an event show and experiment, a mix between real and virtual, between what is in front of one’s eyes and what is hidden, but still visible (June 29 and 30) 

Diptych: Dreams from the Lost Chamber, a show by the Belgians from Peeping Tom brings contemporary dance to the stage in a manner never seen before. Reality, dream, fantasy (July 1 and 2)