The traditional blouse. The elegance of garments

Exhibition of traditional blouses and costumes, Transilvanian Space, from ASTRA Museum’s Collections

The Exhibition will gather traditional blouses from ASTRA Museum’s Collections,
individually displayed or as part of a costume, belonging to Transylvanian multiethnic space from the end of the 19th century till the 20th century. During this period of time, in
the political and cultural context of searching and defining the national identity, begins
the process of recognition of the patrimonial status of the traditional costume.
The traditional blouses are embroidered tales…The ones who embroidered them for
their own use and for the loved ones, wanted to be proud, to be seen, admired and
protected, declaring their social status through the preciousness of the fabrics and the
elegance of the chosen style. Everyone embroidered a unique blouse, keeping the
dress code inherited from their village and knew what pattern, what color and mostly the
spot where it must be placed, knowing also its purpose. The traditional blouse can
substitute the person who wears it. The traditional blouse is a bridge between
The refinement of the garments! A speech over the centuries about traditional blouses
proudly created and worn with elegance! We invite you to discover them on stiff hemp
fabrics embroidered with wool or cotton thread or on fluid linen and cotton fabrics
embroidered with silk rows.

Motto: ... then, all things are not what they appear to be, but what they used to be, they are now something else and something else they would be!

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