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Sonoterra duo (Online)
Cătălin Milea & Gabriel Bălașa 
The Romanian and Francophone Seasons

Directed by: Cătălin Milea & Gabriel Bălașa
With: Alexandra Totolan, Alexandru Milea, Raluca Oana Radu

“Sonoterra duo”, with Cătălin Milea on wind instruments and Gabriel Bălașa on handpan and percussions, was born after numerous recording sessions, where the two outlined together a music where the magical sounds of the flute or saxophone intertwine in a cosmic harmony with the ethereal sounds of the handpan, a music based on original compositions and improvisation. From the passion for sound and the desire to transmit high vibrations to the spirit, these two artists, with different backgrounds but with a special alchemy, invite their audience to an exciting journey.

A remarkable show. The artists' passion for music is truly fascinating.

Special effects: lights
Duration: 50min
Date of premiere: 21.03.2023
Original title: Solar

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29 June, 18:00