Avangardia Theater

Text by: Eduardo Aldan
Directed by: Ricard Reguant
With: Șerban Pavlu, Cristi Iacob

“The Boss” is a candid, emotional comedy that makes us reflect on the world we live in, always on fast forward and pushing us away from the people around and from ourselves…
 On New Year’s Eve, the manager of a big company is stuck in his office with an employee he had just fired.
 During their involuntary “imprisonment”, the two have no choice but to share the space and face the most funnily absurd situations.
 However, the night changes both their lives forever.
 In the end, the performance brings to light a dream we all share: breaking out of life’s chains and becoming our own boss.

Performance in Romanian, with translation into English
Duration: 1h 40min
Date of premiere: 5.10.2019
Original title: ȘEFUL

Shows and Tickets

27.06, 17:00

GONG Theatre - Downstairs Hall    1h 40min
100 / 60 LEI