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Music & Dance spectacular: Tales of 12 Chinese Zodiac (Online)
China Oriental Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd.
The Chinese Season

Music Director: Meng Ke
Choreographers: Xie Yuanzhen, Zhang Yaqi, Chen Rui

General Director: Shen Chen
Script Writer: Sun Lei
Executive Directors: Li Mingjia, Liu Cui
Composers: Hu Kun, Yuan Feixue, Chen Wei, Meng Bo Wang Jiang, Cai Dongzhen, Ji Peng, Lv Chengping
Stage and Prop Designer: Bian Wentong
Lighting Designer: Hou Xin
Costume Designer: Tao Lei
Sound Designer: Zhao Baozhong
Makeup Designer: Wang Ting
Multimedia Designer: Wang Zhigang
Supervisors: Meng Bo (percussion music); Ji Zhiqi (Chinese opera); Sun Zhijiao (international ballroom dance); Chen Yaxuan (pop dance)
Music Producer: Hu Kun
Recorded Musical Accompaniment by: China National Symphony Orchestra
Violinist: Liu Yunzhi
Cellist: Guan Zhengyue
Title By: Su Shishu, Chairman of China Calligraphers Association
Producer: Jing Xiaoyong
General Supervisor: Gao Ai
Supervisor: Shi Ziwen, Liu Peng, Shen Chen, Zhang Lei

“Tales of 12 Chinese Zodiac” is a large-scale art drama with the Chinese zodiac culture as the creative theme, percussion music and dance as the performance pattern, and Chinese freehand scenery as the aesthetic system to carry forward the Chinese traditional culture, praise the national temperament of compatriots, and show the majestic artistic conception of the state of ceremonies and profound historical cultural essence in China.

Performance in Chinese and English, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 1h 43min
Date of premiere: 15.09.2017
Original title: 舞·乐《中国故事·十二生肖》

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29 June, 22:00