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The Insect
Performance by: Plamen Ivanov
Shade and fire Theater FIRETER 

Mystic creatures from a different world have come to earth with a giant insect which is caring for its egg. Inside that egg, the insect carries a special gift for the people. The fire is their key to open the egg. The mystic creatures wish for all the people to find what is hidden inside the big egg, which they guard and float elegantly above the audience. If you try to get closer to the white shepherds and their mystic insects, or if you go with shepherds to the insect nest, you will receive a powerful gift…

With: Rozaliya Mitrova, Vyara Bolgardova, Viktor Teofilov, Mihail Davididov, Iliya Korovezis,Pavel Hazarbasanov, Plamen Ivanov, Kalin Vasilev, Nikolay Raychev, Cen Rees
Producers: Plamen Ivanov, Boyan Hristov

Show presented in Romanian with English translation
Duration: 55 min
Original title: The Insect НАСЕКОМОТО
Special effects: Fire show
Shows and Access

26 June, 12:00

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu   

26 June, 21:30

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu