Performances / Circus / Contemporary Circus
Directed by: Plamen Ivanov
Shade and Fire Theater FIRETER

People discovered that in the centre of their city has arrived a strange object. It’s a machine in between snail and locomotive. The drivers of this machine are the crazy professor Rapon and his student. There are also a giant lady – Madame Ophelia Snailia, a little one – Mademoiselle Oho Boho and the mechanic, Monsieur Gaston. They’re going to show us the small doors, windows, drawers where they keep their secrets. They are ready to share these secrets, but only with kids. So, be ready to take them near the strange machine Snailmobile or just turn back the time for yourself and become a child again.

With: Rozaliya Mitrova, Vyara Bolgardova, Viktor Teofilov, Mihail Davididov, Iliya Korovezis,Pavel Hazarbasanov, Plamen Ivanov
Producers: Boyan Hristov, Plamen Ivanov
Co-producers: Hristo Guzelev, WA

Performance in English, with translation into Romanian 
Duration: 55 min
Original title: Охлюмотив Snailmobile
Special effects: fire show on stilts
Shows and Access

24 June, 12:00

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu   

24 June, 19:45

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu