Performances / Music
Gospel Touch Choir (online)
Performance by: Samuel Adebanjo
United Kingdom

Gospel Touch Choir (BBC Sport Relief Choir 2018) is one of the leading corporate gospel choir/gospel singers in the UK and USA. We offer numerous amazing entertaining events whether you are planning a conference, concert, wedding, summer parties, Christmas parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, company corporate party or workshop, TV shows, commercials, recordings and more.
We are flexible and perform in the following ways: a cappella choir (just voices), Barber Shop, Function Band, Gospel Choir with a band or guitar or piano. Performing with backing tracks or Flash-mobs.

Through their music, the Gospel Touch Choir transcends all boundaries to deliver a powerful, memorable and grace-filled experience.

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 23.06.2024
Original title: GOSPEL TOUCH CHOIR
The British Season
Shows and Access

23 June, 18:00