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Familie (Online)
Milo Rau / NTGent 
Belgium, Switzerland
The Belgian and Francophone Seasons

Directed by: Milo Rau
Leading cast: An Miller, Filip Peeters, Leonce Peeters and Louisa Peeters
Dramaturgy & research: Carmen Hornbostel
Assistance dramaturgy: Eline Banken
Coach: Peter Seynaeve
Light design: Dennis Diels
Set & costume design: Anton Lukas, Louisa Peeters
Musical arrangement: Saskia Venegas Aernouts
Live camera: Victor Goddyn
Direction assistant: Liesbeth Standaert
Production and tour manager: Elli De Meyer
Technical production management: Chris Vanneste
Stage manager: Chris Vanneste, Oliver Houttekiet, Raf Willems, Marc Swaenen, Marijn Vlaeminck
Light technique: Sander Michiels, Frank Haesevoets, Bram Geldhof, Anton Leysen
Sound & video operator: Raf Willems, Frederik Vanslembrouck, Dimitri Devos, Korneel Moreaux, Saul Mombaerts, John Hellinx
Stage technique: Ramon Blancquaert
Realisation costumes: An De Mol, Mieke Vander Cruyssen, Edithe Miller-Claes
Set realisation: Pierre Keulemans, Thierry Dhondt, Joris Soenen, Luc Goedertier, Flup Beys
Surtitling: Elli De Meyer
Thanks to: Stuntteam de Beukelaer, Café Costume, Marie Goudeseune, Cédric Cerbara, Luc Poppe
With support of: Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid
Co-producers: Romaeuropa Festival, Künstlerhaus Mousonturm Frankfurt, Théâtre de Liège, Schauspiel Stuttgart, Scène Nationale d'Albi

In 2007 in Calais, a whole family hanged themselves :the parents and their two children. Never a motive was found, the suicide note stated: ‘We messed up, sorry’. What reasons underlie such a suicide? In “Familie” we see a real family on stage: actors couple An Miller and Filip Peeters for the first time act on stage with their teenage daughters Leonce and Louisa. Together they reconstruct the mysterious case of the family Demeester. Fiction and reality mix, as we see on stage an evening like many in families - only that it is the last one. And in this exhibition of the normal, the big questions arise: Why are we here? And wouldn’t it be better if we would disappear?

”An unnerving and hearthbreaking celebration of the ordinary. A dark, secular mass.” (The Guardian)

Performance in Dutch with translation into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16
Duration: 1h 20min
Date of premiere: 04.01.2020
Original title: Familie

Shows and Access

29 June, 20:00