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Francisco Moreira (online)
Francisco Moreira

Francisco Moreira is an unavoidable name in fado’s new generation. Owner of a melodious and engaging voice, he wins over audiences of all generations with his authenticity and delivery. Since his childhood, he has been following his path in music and already has countless achievements and remarkable moments in his career like winning the Grand National Fado Prize 2013, and the recognition his work has received on national radios and venues, as well as performing alongside fado singers like Carminho and Hélder Moutinho. In 2023, he released his latest album "Lugar", his debut as a composer.

The beauty of fado music has the power to captivate any listener. Francisco Moreira is a true master.

With: Francisco Moreira – voice, Mike Martins – portuguese guitar, Rafael Carvalho – classical guitar, Tiago Simães – piano, Afonso Passos - percussion

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 04.03.2024
Original title: Francisco Moreira
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28 June, 20:00