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Ana Pinhal (online)
Ana Pinhal

Ana Pinha, from Porto, is considered by many one of the rising stars of Fado. She attended music classes and singing lessons with Ana Celeste Ferreira and studied Cante Flamenco at the Cristina Heeren Foundation in Seville.

In 2008, she started alongside Francisco Almeida, the project Fado Violado that intertwines Fado and Flamenco. Ana Pinhal has played live in Portugal, Spain, France, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, and India. Ana was a resident fado singer in the main Fado Houses in Porto and at the moment she’s part of the Fado in Porto group at Calém Port Wine Cellars.

A touching concert provided by one of the leading Fado voices of the moment.

With: Ana Pinhal – voice, Mike Martins – Portuguese guitar, Rafael Carvalho – Classical guitar, Tiago Simães – Piano, Afonso Passos – Percussion

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 13.03.2024
Original title: Ana Pinhal
The Portuguese Season
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25 June, 20:00