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Curannera (online)

The “curannera” is a popular figure who practices folk or traditional medicine, utilizing natural elements in ritualistic healing to soothe the soul and spirit. She embodies an inspiring muse of Yaràkä perfectly bridging a repertoire rooted in distant cultures and steeped in rituals. Each song recounts the exorcism of evil from the soul or addresses a fear that blocks the flow of energy, finding healing through an ancestral song.

A performance that celebrates not only the timeless expressiveness of folklore, but also the power of music to make us all brothers in one world.

Premio Alberto Cesa at FolkEst 2023
The Horcynusas best videoclip 2023

Gianni Sciambarruto: berimbao, guitar, saz, doromb, voice
Virginia Pavone: voice, harmonic bark flute, shamanic tambourine
Simone Carrino: tambourine, riq, daf, kanjira, troccola, voice

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 01.04.2023
Original title: Curannera
The Italian Season
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26 June, 18:00