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The Couple (online)
By: Edna Mazia
Directed by: Bogdan Sărătean
Teatrul Naţional "Radu Stanca" Sibiu

Following a fight, a wife stabs her husband in the leg. This becomes the pretext for a confrontation in court, which gradually transforms into a painfully honest portrayal of the modern couple.

With emotion, cruelty, and disarming authenticity, the text written by Edna Mazia is brought to life by Bogdan Sărătean in a play that is followed with fascination and bated breath. The four characters caught in the delicate mechanism of personal, yet unshared truths, begin their journey on the winding path of discovering each other. What, however, lies at the end of this journey? Certainly, the hope of salvation through love.

Set Design: Alexandra Budianu
Cast: Raluca Iani, Florin Coșuleț, Gabriela Pîrlițeanu, Horia Fedorca
Sound: Radu Murar
Lights: Mihai Părău
Technical Director: Ovidiu Coca
Assistant Directors: Maria Șerban, Maria Neacșu
Props: Maria Steva
Wardrobe: Lăcrămioara Fazakas
Project Manager: Claudia Maior
Marketing Manager: Maria Șerban

Performance in Romanian, with translation into English
Date of premiere: 09.12.2023
Original title: Cuplu
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28 June, 22:00