Acustic concert
Muse Quartet

Violin I: Alina Horez
Violin II: Nicoleta Petre
Viola: Larisa Retegan
Cello: Corina Ciuplea

Muse Quartet is always looking for something different: the girls know no boundaries, exercising their talents and skills on classical instruments, trying out other musical genres, and presenting new angles of cinematic, pop and rock music in concerts. The quartet has had numerous projects and collaborations both at home and abroad with renowned artists such as Akua Naru, Golan, Deliric, Smiley, Alexandrina Hristov, Byron, VUNK, The Motans, Tomma Alistar, Silent Strike, and many others.

Duration: 1 h
Date of premiere: 01.06.2022
Original title: Concert acustic
Shows and Access

03 July, 20:00

The Church of the Ursulines   
40/30 LEI