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The Power Of Flower
By: Elena Pap & Plamen Radev
Fire Theatre Mime Company 
Procession and walk-about animation with carnival puppets and characters inspired by the spirit of the so called “flower kids” hippie culture. The figures are light in colour, decorated with flowers and flower garlands, designed to bring a spirit of joy, cheerfulness, friendship, and cheerful communication. At the end, the procession will stop at the square, where everyone will have the opportunity to take pictures and interact with the characters.

Concept: Elena Pap & Plamen Radev
Puppets & masks design and making: Andrew Kim, Plamen Radev, Victoria Ivanova, Vanya Itinova, Elena Pap
Producers: Elena Pap & Plamen Radev (Fire Theatre Mime Company)

Part of the puppets were made during the project Aylyak parade with the financial support of Plovdiv ECC 2019

Duration: 45 min
Date of premiere: 18.05.2024
Original title: The POWER OF FLOWER
Shows and Access

28 June, 19:15

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu   

29 June, 12:30

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu