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Johannes Vogl
Johannes Vogl (b.1981) builds quite stubborn sculptures and machines out of everyday things. He cannot be described as a classical sculptor, he is rather a poetic inventor. It is often everyday situations that inspire Vogl in his sculptures, installations or videos. 
The objects and apparatuses no longer serve humans, do not fulfil meaningful tasks, but are in endless loops and monotonous soliloquies. The works act as machine outsiders, as oddities. The relationship between human and sculpture, subject and object, observer and observed shifts in favour of the thing-world. 

Text: Milena Mercer
The sculpture Walze deals with the theme of demonstrations and large gatherings or migrations of people.

It is to be used like a machine and can be pushed by two people. If one rolls the apparatus, for example through a meadow or snow field, it creates a trail behind it, as if hundreds of people have passed by that place.

The sculpture consists of a total of 138 shoes, which are mounted on a steel structure.

For the artist, the exciting question here is how the phenomenon of the crowd arises and it forms. Also with regard to dubious gatherings, as we have seen, for example through the so-called “anti-corona” movement in recent months. Through great movements of people and mass exodus, which are happening at the moment, the work gains in topicality.
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