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Ana Dumitrescu
Directed by: Ana Dumitrescu
Produced by: Jonathan Boissay
With: Gheorghe Costache, Sorina Costache and Vioară
Guests: Ana Dumitrescu, Jonathan Boissay, Gheorghe Costache, Sorina Costache 

Trio is a love story between a man, a woman and a violin.
Through the lives of Gheorghe and Sorina, Trio is more than a documentary. It is a poetic journey through contemporary Romania, a political reflection 30 years after the fall of communism, a reflection on being a Roma today in Europe, a film about social violence, but also a film about happiness, love and acceptance of the other in his otherness.
Trio is an ode to music. Gheorghe's violin gives rhythm to each sequence, passing from the most dramatic chords to the most joyful notes.
But above all Trio is a film that is there to take us on a journey that is both aesthetic and raw.
Initially working as a photojournalist, Ana Dumitrescu collaborated in France and Romania for numerous media groups such as National Geographic, Mediafax and Gamma-Rapho Agency. She covers social issues such as the Roma Holocaust during the Second World War, homophobia in Romania, and unregistered workers in France. As a photographic artist, she has been multiplying her exhibitions around the world, narrating the lives of those around her.
So far she has five feature films to her credit, which she has made since 2012. The first of these, ”Khaos” (2012) and ”Même pas Peur!” / ”I'm not even afraid” (2015) are made in documentary format and can be described as ”emergency cinema” in the context of a social situation. Leaving the journalistic area in which these first two films are situated, Ana Dumitrescu reorients herself towards a more artistic visual writing, with the short film ”La Chaise Verte” / ”The Green Chair”, distributed by the Short Film Agency, and then with the feature film ”Le Temps de la Lumière” / ”The Time of Light”. 
Her last two films, ”Licu” and ”Trio” were shot in Romania and produced by Jules et Films. The first of these won the Golden Dove Grand Prize at the international competition of the DOK Leipzig Documentary Film Festival 2017.
Bi-cultural, Ana Dumitrescu divides her time between France and Romania.
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