The Jump
Jesus Carmona Dance Company

Directed by: Jesús Carmona
Dancers: Jesús Carmona, Rubén Puertas , Daniel Arencibia, Borja Cortés, Joan Fenollar, José Viñas, Juan Bravo
Musicians: Juan Requena, José Valencia, Manu Masaedo
Techical Crew: Oscar Gómez de los Reyes, Rafel Pipio, Lola Alonso, MarioFernández
Tour Manager: Eva Marcelo
Booking person: Sara Cañizares
Coproduction: DANZAOR CARMONA SLU, SADLERS´WELLS, BIENAL FLAMENCO SEVILLA, CENTRO COREOGRÁFICO CANAL, with the support of: Comunidad de Madrid, Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales, INAEM 

“The conception of this show was born out of a personal experience that made me question the relationship with masculinity in the 21st century, both on the part of men and women. In the search for answers, I have come to understand more deeply every day what type of society we live in and what we can do to improve it, since some of the simplest or everyday attitudes are perhaps the ones that need to change. I wanted to bring this personal growth on stage with the thought that art opens the soul to a place of understanding, and with the hope of moving or opening the eyes of the more reluctant spectator to the theme suggested by the show.” – Jesús Carmona

Duration: 1h 30min
Date of premiere: 19.12.2020
Original title: El Salto

Shows and Tickets

02.07, 21:00

"Ion Besoiu" Cultural Centre    1h 30min
100/60 LEI

03.07, 18:00

"Ion Besoiu" Cultural Centre    1h 30min
100/60 LEI