visual arts platform (PAV)
Model Under Construction
Flaviu Cacoveanu, Cătălina Nistor, Miruna Radovici
Artă.nonstop is an independent space that can be visited at Tribunei Street no. 13 in Sibiu. Since its founding, the space has hosted exhibitions and interventions by many contemporary Romanian artists such as Lea Rasovszky, Marius Bercea, Covrigue, Mihai Iepure Gorsky, Monotremu and others. The full archive of exhibitions can be consulted on social media and on the website. 

The group exhibition ”Model Under Construction” within the Visual Art Platform will present works by Flaviu Cacoveanu, Vilmos Koter, Cătălina Nistor and Miruna Radovici, and is curated by Georgia Țidorescu, a young curator working with several associations and institutions in Romania. The exhibition aims to analyse the principles surrounding the term filotimo, and observe the ways in which these find their way in our day to day actions.

Curator: Georgia Țidorescu

Exact location: arta.nonstop (Str. Tribunei, nr. 13)
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