Les Arrière-Mondes
Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté

Directed and choreographed by: Patrick Bonté and Nicole Mossoux
Concept: Patrick Bonté
Performance and artistic collaboration: Dorian Chavez, Quentin Chaveriat, Colline Libon, Lenka Luptakova, Frauke Mariën & Shantala Pèpe
Original music: Thomas Turine
Scenography: Simon Siegmann
Costumes: Jackye Fauconnier
Masks, wigs and make-up: Rebecca Florès-Martinez
Assisted by: Marie Messien, Isis Hauben, Sandra Marinelli, Jean Coers
Light: Patrick Bonté
Technical direction: Jean-Jacques Deneumoustier
Costumes confection with the help of: Cécile Corso, Anicia Echeverria & Muazzez Aydemir
Sound technician: Fred Miclet
Light technician and assistant: Baptiste Leclère
Co-producers: Théâtre Les Tanneurs, La Coop asbl. & Shelterprod
With support from:, ING, the Federal Belgium Government Tax-Shelter, Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, dance department and from Wallonie-Bruxelles International

 As if they had escaped from the mists of time, dishevelled creatures plunge into our eyes as if into a bottomless mirror. These are the eternal survivors of history, extravagant individuals who have lived through pleasures and passing days, but also through chaos, wars, and plagues. They keep appearing and disappearing, torn between attraction and restraint, arising from familiar scenes and suddenly revived desires.
 “Les Arrière-Mondes” sheds a spectral light on the moments of stupor and uncertainty that follow human passions and where the enigma of our presence is unwittingly revealed.

Performance not recommended to audiences under 16
Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 23.06.2021
Original title: Les Arrière-Mondes
Shows and Tickets

28.06, 21:00

Colegiul Național „Octavian Goga”    1h
100/60 LEI

29.06, 21:00

Colegiul Național „Octavian Goga”    1h
100/60 LEI