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Centrul Cultural Arab Sibiu, Thinking of "the other": stereotypes of the otherness
Centrul Cultural Arab Sibiu
The Arab Cultural Centre Sibiu is an apolitical and non-religious NGO with Romanians and Arabs alike, who are working in various professional fields, from social services to medicine and entrepreneurship. The center aims to contribute at the development of an Arab community in order to bring together immigrants and refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa, within the current humanitarian crisis by offering them a meeting place and mutual aid. Secondly, the center wishes to promote the intercultural communication, to create dialogues that lead to understanding ”the other” while fighting against prejudices and cultural stereotypes.

Thinking of "the other": stereotypes of the otherness

Stereotypes appear as a normal and natural social phenomenon. Each of us had at some point ran into the invincible but dominant force of stereotypes. But once absorbed they are difficult to tackle and annihilate, mainly because of the people’s tendency to cultivate information that validates their flawed beliefs. Thus, similarly to some lead clouds, the stereotypes are floating above us day by day and affect the collective mentality.
The Arab Cultural Centre will visually and dynamically present a series of stereotypes manifested by Romanians in relations to the Arab culture and vice versa. What did Arabs think about the Romanian community before arriving here? The Arab Centre will create a confrontation between cultural myths and reality while presenting a video with the personal experience of Romanians and Arabs from Sibiu.   

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