Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company 

Choreography, scenery and lighting: Rami Be’er
Sound Editing: Rami Be’er, Alex Claude
Vestuario: Rami Be’er, Lilach Hatzbani
Rehearsal direction and artistic direction assistance: Nitza Gombo
Sound editing assistance: Eyal Dadon
Dancers: May Assor, Léa Bessoudo, Anastasia Cheshun, Megan Doheny, SuJeong Kim, Ilya Nikurov, Dvir Levi, Nicholas Garlo, Nika Lilek, Michal Vach, Luigi Civitarese, Eden Beckerman, Francisco Camarneiro, Orin Zvulun, Francesco Cuoccio, Tamar Bieller
Artistic director: Rami Be’er
CEO: Amira Teomi
Founder Yehudit Arnon (1926-2013)
Chief Financial: Galia Krotter
International Management: Yoni Avital | Avital Arts Agency
International Dance Village Director: Sivan Cohen
Technical Director: Diego Fernandez
Business Development Director:  Galit Lifshitz Melamed
Tourism & Special Events: Ayelet Ghez
Main Company Director and Asst. to the Artistic
Director: Nitza Gombo
Director of KCDC 2:  Danny Eshel
Rehearsal Director of: KCDC 2 Gaëlle Van Lierde
Professional Director:  Danielle Ohn
Administrative Director:  Roni Ronen
Special Activities:  Amos Baer
Director  Yael Laron
Pilates: Renana Randy
Company Teachers
Alexander Alexandrov
Gali Kalef Hayun
Yamit Kalef
Einav Levy
Assistant to the CEO: Livnat Sheiman
Bookkeeping  Iris Tesler
Procurement and Community
Projects: Revital Cohen
Office Manager: Virginia Ben El
Sales & Marketing: Liraz Frankel
Telemarketing:  Shirly Ring
Archivist : Yonat Rothman
Wardrobe: Ofra Sharon Heimann
Seamstress: Ludmila Romaniko
Performance and Tour Manager  Zadok Zemach
Sound and Lighting: Lior Cohen
Technician: Ofer Abramovitz
Maintenance Supervisor: Sergei Nugni
Maintenance: Rayek Matanes
Housekeeping: Sabha Naim, Nasrin Naim
Pianist: Nina Kalmens
Photographer: Eyal Hirsch
Controller: Batya Kotzovai
Operations: Or Kol
Legal Consultant: Ofir Katz & Co.
Accountant: BDO Ziv Haft Accounting Firm
Graphic Design: Artmedia Ga’aton | Avishai Lapid
Public Relations: Lapidot Communications

"An extraordinary composition of a seasoned artist and a master in composition.
The technical level of the company is exceptional!"

- Ruth Eshel
Shelter. Refuge. Safe Haven.
            In his work ‘Asylum’, Be’er examines concepts such as identity, foreignness, oppression, discrimination, domination, freedom, belonging, immigration, homeland, longing, and home. These concepts are relevant to every human being from an existential view, wherever he or she may happen to be situated in place and time.  The quest for a place that is identified as a home is part of the human existential experience.

In relation to the present moment in which we are in, the reality touches on subject matters within Asylum as we are all witnesses to the millions of asylum seekers that are escaping wars and conflicts across the globe, trying to find their place where they will feel safe.

'Uga, Uga', a popular Israeli nursery rhyme is heard in Hebrew as part of the soundtrack of 'Asylum.'

Round and around,
In a circle we walk around,
In a circle all day long,
Till we find our place.
Sit, stand.
Sit, stand.
Sit and stand.
Till we find our place.

Duration: 1h 
Date of premiere: 09.02.2022
Original title: Asylum by Rami Be'er

Shows and Tickets

27.06, 22:00

Fabrica de Cultură - Construcții SA - UniCredit - Faust Hall    1h
100/60 LEI

28.06, 18:00

Fabrica de Cultură - Construcții SA - UniCredit - Faust Hall    1h
100/60 LEI