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 Asociația ALEG Sibiu
A.L.E.G - Association for Liberty and Equality of Gender promotes gender equality and defends women’s rights by offering innovative national and local assistance services to all women and children affected by gender-based violence. It provides training programs for professionals working in social and educational fields and actively advocates for improving public policies. Since 2004 they’ve been running the ”Gender Equality Festival”, an annual awareness campaign. More details on si 
Within PAV we are presenting an innovative social program based on the idea of sharing. Through the program SiEuReușesc, A.L.E.G. created a network of winners, women who share both the experience of violence and the power to heal. We are building supportive communities that increase the women’s chances to free themselves from violence, complementing specialised assistance with the solidarity support of other women that went through violent situations. With support groups and access to personal development, the women who overcame violence are using their experience to help other women, finding purpose and healing. They are receiving and giving support while creating an extremely valuable and sustainable experience that can be reproduced anywhere locally. 
Why winners? This word best meets our intention of seeing beyond the victimization and the injustice experienced by these women, and focus instead on their outstanding resilience: an invincible force when they get to use it, not to endure, but to free themselves from violence and help other women in return.

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