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  Andrea Gavriliu
Director: Andrea Gavriliu
Script: Andrea Gavriliu
Set design and costumes: Andreea Săndulescu
Choreography: Andrea Gavriliu
Cast: Andrea Gavriliu, Ştefan Lupu, Gabriel Costin
”Zic Zac” is the performance of our generation. It talks about the stages of a relationship: affinity and dislikes, animal-like tendencies and philosophical debates, sensitivity and cruelty, personal fears and the need to find our soul mate. All these are incorporated in a psychedelic journey full of humor and, most of all, Music! ”Zic Zac” is a performance which exudes – literally and figuratively – explosive energy, sexuality, humor and sensitivity which teach us that if you are a good scholar, it does not mean everything, that ”Silence is one of the toughest arguments to fight”, that ”Language baffles the mouths of Romanians” and that we are afraid of fear. Consequently, Ladies and Gentlemen, dance!
Performance not recommended to persons under 14.
Performance presented in Romanian.

      © Andrea Gavriliu, Zic Zac, photo Steluța Popescu