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  „Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu
Original script: Catherine Johnston
Text translation: Anca Tomuș
Songs translation: Maria Soilică
Text adaptation: Șerban Puiu
Directed by: Șerban Puiu
Asistant director: Codruța Presecan
Musical coodinators: Constantin Iridon, Melinda Samson
Coregrphie: Adriana Bârză
Scenography: Mihai Păcurar, Șerban Puiu
Video projection: Radu Nechit, Vlad Bacalu și Szore Iozsef
Project manager: Luminiţa Puiuleţ
Production asistant: Teodora Ocneriu
Sound: Dan Corcoveanu
Lights: Dorin Părău
Cast: Maria Soilică, Alexandra Șerban, Alexandru Dobrița, Cristi Timbuș, Anton Balint, Vlad Bacalu, Cristina Blaga, Rada Constantinov, Ana Maria Vereş, Tudor Răileanu
The Department of Drama and Theatre Studies at Lucian Blaga University was founded in 1997 and constantly developed and grew up. We have now more than 100 students in or two lines of studies: Acting and Cultural Management. In 2011, our department qualified as the best in its field in Romania.