12 May 2014

   Adrian Tibu

Young actors from Paris in residency in Sibiu

“Radu Stanca” National Theatre from Sibiu hosts for a month a group of 7 young French actors that will take part in a series of workshops coordinated by director Vlad Massaci as part of the project “Cities on Stage”.

“Sibiu, an open wound” is a workshop which aims to bring to Sibiu 7 actors coordinated by Vlad Masssaci who will be working on a project of documentary theater, about the memories and the history of the city and its inhabitants. The workshop coordinated by the Romanian director deals with the departure of the Transylvanian Saxons from Transylvania and will conclude with a performance in Sibiu and Paris this year in June.

“It will be a type of theatre archeology, we will meet people and we will try to borrow small objects, to copy photographs and to imagine life sequences which we can render on stage”, stated Vlad Massaci before the workshop began. “Sibiu, an open wound” will premiere in Sibiu during the 21st edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival with a performance scheduled on Sunday, the 8th of June, at 4 PM in the “Virgil Flonda” room in the Faculty of Letters and Arts in Sibiu. The performance in Paris will take place Monday the 16th of June, at the Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe. The admission is free, subject to availability.

“Cities on stage” is a project funded by the Culture Programme of the European Commission and aims to support a creative dialogue between Théâtre National from Brussels (Belgium), Folkteatern from Göteborg (Sweden), Odéon-Théâtre de l’Europe from Paris (France), „Radu Stanca” National Theatre from Sibiu (Romania) and Teatro de la Abadía from Madrid (Spain). For 5 years, the six partnered theatres will produce 7 co-productions based on original scripts. Thus, between 2011 and 2016, the 7 artists selected for writing the texts, Fabrice Murgia (Belgium), Lars Norén (Sweden), Joël Pommerat (France), Gianina Cărbunariu (Romania), Antonio Araujo (Brazil), Emma Dante (Italy) and Frank Castorf (Germany) will create a thought provoking chronicle of our surrounding world, creating a repertoire of new performances, connected to the new realities of a continuously changing continent. Directors Nathalie Garraud (France), Armel Roussel (Belgium), Mélanie Mederlind (Sweden), Vlad Massaci (Romania) and David Iodice (Italy) are included in the team of creators. Besides the 7 co-productions the project will support a series of secondary programs including mobility projects, public workshops and seminars, educational activities for youths and workshops for actors. 

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