10 April 2017

   cristina ghinea

Wherever I go, I still end up at play readings

The special events precursory to FITS continue on Tuesday, April 11, starting at 6 PM at Humanitas Bookstore, with the play reading of "A man without a man (wherever I go, all I find is myself)".

The text is written by Valentin Nicolau and is based on the legend of "Scăldătoare Vitezda" – the lake in which an angel descended and the first man who would have bathed in the troubled waters would have been cured of all illness. This work transposes the action at a much larger scale - everyone is expecting a miracle. The scene of events is symbolical and universal, anchored in the immediate reality through meanings and interpretations. The text deals with social issues but, more than that, with human issues. The author creates a world ruled by illness and helplessness, in which the subjects only feed on hope, expecting to be cured. The characters are built mainly on the connection between Man and God: do they deserve their faith, illness and death? Is it possible to rest on the conclusion that God is responsible for everything?
"A man without a man (wherever I go, all I find is myself)" is part of the anthology of plays selected by Claudia Domnicar and presented in the play reading section of the 22nd edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

Valentin Nicolau (1960 – 2015) was a fiction writer, playwright, children's books author, poet, essayist, founder of Nemira Publishing (1991) and of NEMI Publishing for children's books (2007). He had a great academic career - he was Associate Professor at the Faculty of Letters and Arts at ULBS and a Professor at UNATC - as well as an intense media activity. He was President - General Manager of the Romanian Television Society (2002), member in the Administration Council of EBU (European Broadcasting Union). In 2000, he won the Grand Prize for Dramaturgy, awarded by the Ministry of Culture for the play "Ca zăpada și cei doi".

The cast includes the following actors: Mihai Coman, Viorel Rață, Florin Coșuleț, Pali Vecsei, Cristian Stanca, Cătălin Neghină, Alexandru Malaicu, Cristina Ragos, Veronica Arizancu, Andrei Coman and Bogdan Sărătean, who is also the director.
Father Constantin Necula is the special guest of this event, who will have a discussion with the actors at the end of the play reading.

The entry is free, subject to availability and all theatre books in the bookshop will be 20% off upon the occasion of the play reading.

The event is organised by the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, "Radu Stanca" National Theatre, the Department of Drama and Theatre Studies at Lucian Blaga University with the support of "Constantin Noica" Humanitas Bookshop.

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