27 March 2017

   Cristina Ghinea

The first set of tickets for FITS 2017 to go on sale today

Today, 27 March, 12 PM, the first set of tickets are going on sale for 50 indoor performances, which will take place at FITS 2017. Theatre, dance, contemporary circus, music, film screenings, exhibitions, book launches, special conferences, play readings, workshops and student plays from all around the world will be presented in Sibiu between 9 - 18 June.

"Tickets for about 50 performances will go on sale starting with 27 March and the festival programme for indoor performances will also be made available to the public. During the Easter Holiday, another set of tickets will go on sale and the rest of the tickets will be available starting from May. In this way, we can offer every theatre buff, from Romania or from other countries, a chance to buy their tickets in advance. We recommend that you buy your tickets as soon as possible because the seats are limited. At FITS, the performance halls are small and can contain no more than 400 audience members, in some cases, no more than 200. The theatre itself has only 300 seats, but since we will have so many guests, we can only put 200 tickets on sale for each performance. Therefore, anyone who would like to buy tickets to see performances ranging from Baryshnikov to Robert Wilson, from Batsheva to the Andalusian Ballet, from Maria Pagés to Pippo Delbono and many more are advised to buy their tickets in advance," Constantin Chiriac said.

Tickets can be purchased on starting with 12 PM. Tomorrow, tickets will also go on sale at the Theatre Agency, Nicolae Bălcescu Blvd., no. 17, from Tuesday - Saturday between 11 AM - 6 PM and Sunday between 10 AM - 2 PM. Information about the events that are going on sale will also be made available on the festival website as of today.

Ticket prices for this year's edition of FITS remain unchanged. They range between 10 and 40 lei for each individual performance.
"We have not raised ticket prices, despite the fact that the Government has promised increased wages and better living conditions. Prices have not gone up since last year, ranging from 10 to 40 lei. There is no ticket value higher than 40 lei. I believe this festival is one of the most beautiful gifts we are offering to all art lovers, given that all outdoor performances are free of charge," Constantin Chiriac added.

It is not a coincidence that the indoor performance programme is announced and the first set of tickets goes on sale on World Theatre Day. The first editions of the festival were organized around this date. On this special occasion, the President of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival has sent a message to all theatre enthusiasts.

"The significance of this grand celebration, World Theatre Day, has been probably most eloquently portrayed by these last beautiful spring days that were handed down to us as a divine gift, during which spring has brought so much warmth, beauty and the need to shed our clothes, shake off the cold, the sadness, the trouble, the grey sky, the rain, the ugliness, the solitude.
Let's not forget that the first three editions of Sibiu International Theatre Festival were organized around World Theatre Day. This is how the Festival started. The first edition and the second one had three festival days and the third edition of the Festival had five days, but it was always organized around World Theatre Day. We wanted to show what this day means to us, that it can be the anniversary of what appears to be the most important performance arts festival in the world.
It is the celebration of creation, it is the anniversary that reminds us that we, beings left by God on this Earth, each carry a small part of divine creation within us, which we must not forget. And, in turn, we can create beauty, miracles, emotions with our limited powers. Thus, if we become aware daily of this power that we have and if we think about the beauty that we see in people's eyes, we can bring this miracle to each person who forgets - today, more often than not - to lift his/her head up, to look at the flowers, the sky, to seek joy and beauty and then life on Earth will certainly be different. Theatre is precisely this celebration of miracle, of creation, of beauty and we are very glad that we can enjoy it together."