2 March 2016

   Critina Ghinea

The amazing company Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak, back on stage in Sibiu for FITS 2016!

The famous israelian dance company Inbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollak will perform again this year at Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The choreography of “Wrapped”, the performance presented this year, is signed by the well-known couple.

“Wrapped” is an urban legend, combining humor and poetics, describing the distance between expectations and achivements, happening in a visually-rich imaginary world, playful and nostalgic in the same time, full of visual and acoustic elements. “Wrapped” was created in 1998 at Suzanne Dellal Centre, and in May 2015 it was re-staged.

Over time, "Wrapped" won many illustrious reviews and several awards, including the prestigious "Bessie" The New York Dance and performance Award in 2000.
Choreography, Costumes, Set & Soundtrack Design: Inbal Pinto, Avshalom Pollak and the dancers who will fascinate us are: Jeremy Alberge, Zvi Fishzon, Ariel Gelbart, Noga Harmelin, Marta-Luiza Jankowska, Cordelia Lange, Amit Marsino, Moran Muller and Ofir Yannai.

A couple both in artistic and personal live, Pinto and Pollak founded the INBAL PINTO & AVSHALOM POLLAK DANCE COMPANY in 1992 and together, they have been involved in a variety of artistic endeavors – mainly the creation, direction, choreography and design of unique, award winning and appreciative by the audience dance performances for their Company.
Their productions have been presented and acclaimed in Israel and around the world.

The Company consists of 12 dancer/actors working together, motivated by the collective wish to make connections among various artistic disciplines to convey new stage creations informed by memories, longings, ideas and imagination.

      © Avshalom Pollak