11 June 2016

   cristina ghinea

The 23rd edition of SITF has begun!

Starting today, 10th June, The Sibiu International Theater Festival opens its doors for ten days filled with colour and magic! Over 2500 guests from 70 countries will roam the city streets and will conjure the performing arts into the citadel, with 459 performances and special events!

These are the first recommendations that Constantin Chiriac, the President of SITF, has to make, performances for which you can still find a few spare tickets!

„Shukshin's Stories” (Russia, State Theatre of Nations), a performance in which elaborate theatrical patterns coexist with the folk stories from the Russian province. The vivid and witty script by Vasily Shukshin, along with a star-stud cast and the astute direction of Alvis Hermanis (Latvia) form the perfect creative receipe. The complex characters in the stories are transformed into perfect theatrical representations on stage, where every character becomes familiar to the public. The actors do not intend to portray Soviet peasants from the 70s, but rather try to recollect and understand what makes their characters the way they are. Thus, behind the humour and irony of the story, one can see the tragic touch of the ordinary human relations, like they are rarely depicted in drama.

„Bianco su Bianco” (Switzerland, Compagnia Finzi Pasca), is a theatrical clowning production performed by two actors with a circus background. The story follows two characters, an actress and the stage technician who clumsily supports the former and helps her in creating images that will carry the audience into a surreal universe. These two clowns reach out to the audience and lead them into the realm of memory, with remarkable finesse and precision. In a dialogue with their surroundings, the artists create a world where light breathes to magnify emotions and flesh out a series of scenes based in these candid yet surprising universes and geometries. In this production, the Company’s aesthetics meet a height of simplicity, a simplicity that is still adorned with plentiful surprises.

"Antisocial" and "#minor", both exceptional productions with highly pressing themes, are staged at the "Radu Stanca" National Theater of Sibiu. While "Antisocial" covers the relationships between students, professors and parents with great success, "#minor" proposes an indepth analysis of the relations between parents and children with a special focus on the abuses committed by the adults. The two performances are part of a trilogy by Bogdan Georgescu and "#minor" will premiere at this edition of the Festival.

Third Arrangement will have their second performance of "Pages from the book of..." tomorrow evening at Gong Theater. In 1942, Bruno Schulz was murdered by a member of the Gestapo while going to buy a loaf of bread. 70 years later, Welminski Theater and Third Arrangement have created a show inspired by his stories, his drawings, his life and his most intimate thoughts. As the book opens, a forgotten world is abruptly brought to life. An old, dusty train station, a sanatorium lost in time, home to our hero’s father, his noisy and smelly bird cages and a group of wax figures abandoned by their creator… In this world we meet Josef, the alter ego of our author, Schulz. A son in search of memories of a lost father. We are lead through this world as our hero traverses a reality ready-made for him and with each turn of the page we meet one of the multitude of ephemeral figures Schulz has placed in his path. Tomorrow morning, Andrzej and Teresa Welminski will hold a press conference at 10 o'clock at Habitus Bookstore.
Over the next 3 days, you can go see a series of unique performances at the Military Center. "Antigone, Genealogy of a Sacrifice", presented by Teatro Centi, will take place tomorrow at 11 PM. From the entrails of the fratricidal war in Colombia and from the vision that of the tragedy raises the Spanish philosopher, Maria Zambrano, Teatro Centi proposes an Antigone that meets, in her tomb, all her race. An epilogue that develops in the place where Sophocles left Antigone: displaced from life and displaced from death, the tomb expands to represent the world and the human condition. Antigone with her intrinsic ethics and sense of freedom, returns to pulsate, with her sacrifice, the circulatory system of her genealogy. Summarizing, she tries to answer a question that chases her: “Can sorry flourish there where the terror sowed deserts?” A multidisciplinary performance of great visual impact, which combines multimedia language with mask, text and music.
Hungry Sharks invite you to their performance "#FOMO - the fear of missing out". "#fomo" is an urban dance theatre piece about us dealing with virtual worlds. Technology gets faster and better. The flood of information hitting us everyday increases constantly and infinite possibilities of global networking can be accessed anywhere, anytime, to our advantage or disadvantage. What drives us to check our smartphones all day? What importance does a virtual profile have in reality? Are we just shadows of ourselves?
These questions guide the five performers through "#fomo". Within the piece they experience constructive and destructive aspects of virtuality. On stage they create characters, drama and scenes through the urban dance styles Breaking, Popping, Locking, HipHop-Freestlye and House.

And last but not least, the Company Chameleon put on their dancing shoes to reveal the "Beauty of the Beast". Manchester’s only producing and touring dance company, performing around fifty times a year, Company Chameleon Dance Theatre was founded by Anthony Missen with Kevin Edward Turner in 2007. The company’s performances bring histories, stories and archetypes to life through a muscular yet expressive movement style and a theatrical approach which allows dance to do the talking.
Choreographed by Anthony Missen, Chameleon’s latest show “Beauty of the Beast” is a funny, moving and subversive look at male groups, peeling back the unwritten codes of camaraderie and compliance that glue the gang together. With an all male cast, “Beauty of the Beast” showcases the company’s highly physical style, combining dance, theatre and music to hold up a mirror to our times.

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