23 March 2016

   Emilia Robescu

Sibiu Performing Arts Market, registrations and events

The second registration session started in 16th March and it’s open until 15th April. If you want to register at the Market you have three weeks to complete and finalize the application.

For this editon, during the first registration session, which took place from 15th February to 15th March, cultural operators from 21 countries have registered. Among those who have confirmed so far can be named: International Association for Creation and Training (Egypt), English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center (Germany), Tbilisi International Festival of Theatre (Georgia), Taipei Performing Arts Center (Taiwan), IKSV-Istanbul Theatre Festival (Turkey), Machol Shalem Dance House (Israel), Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts (Hungary), Taipei Arts Festival (Taiwan), Navdhara India, Dance Theater (India), Ranga Shankara (India), Sidney Festival (Australia), L1 Assoiciation (Hungary), International Theatre Forum TEART (Belarus), Golden Mask Festival (Russia).

Special events prepared for the anniversary edition
The events organized within Sibiu Performing Arts Market encourage the connections between entities involved in the artistic creation and in shaping communities` process. Thus, along with the events designed for each edition, in the program will be included conferences, workshops and events from the past editions.

Conference with the subject European cultural funds – study case Poland and the success of the Centre for the documentation of the art of Tadeusz Kantor, Kracow. The discussion will start from the model of Poland, the leader country among EU Member States in the use of the funding assigned to culture.

The workshop Festivals in the 21st century, the newest event of the Market, focuses on the dialogue and point out the necessity of a vision from the organizers, being dedicated to younger collaborators of festivals or any person eager to find out more information about how to organize a festival. Four managers of the well-known festivals around the world, will bringing into discussion aspects related to: the particularity of the festivals, the relationship of the festivals with artists, producers and local community, the financial sources and partnerships, and the volunteers involvement in organizing a festival. The workshop takes place in three days, 2h 30min/each day.

Well-known speakers in the programme of the Market
First speakers confirmed for the workshop >strong>Festivals in the 21st century are
: Wesley Enoch, Director 2017 – 2019, Sidney Festival (Australia), József Kardos, Program Director, Sziget Festival (Hungary). The moderator of the meetings is Nelson Fernandez OBE, Director NFA International Arts & Culture (UK).

The conference European Capitals of Culture – 2021 continues the last year meeting organized under the name “European dimension and community involvement”. This year, representatives of the shortlisted cities from Romania (Baia Mare, București, Cluj-Napoca, and Timișoara), Greece (Elesius, Kalamata and Rodos), Serbia (Novi Sad) and Montenegro (Herceg Novi), organizers of Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007, Jaroslaw Fret (Artistic Director Wrocław European Capital of Culture 2016), and representatives of the European Commission and of Minister of Culture from each country mentioned above, will take part at the dialogue. At this meeting will be invited also representatives of Chișinău (Moldavia).

The workshop Meetings and classes with great choreographers continues the series of meetings with world renowned choreographers. In 2015 during the interactive sessions Amir Kolben, Barak Marshall, Jin Xing, Brenda Angiel and Silvia Macrea shared with those interested their working methods and techniques.

Cultural Conversations are a series of interviews with both the guests of Sibiu International Theatre Festival and Sibiu Performing Arts Market continues. Every year, the Conversations are published with the support of the Department of Drama and Theatre Studies from “Lucian Blaga” University from Sibiu. The aim of these Cultural Conversations is to mirror “the unique position of Sibiu Festival in Europe, presenting a variety of artists – some very famous and established, others just emerging, thus becoming, throughout the years, an important platform for new evolutions.” (prof. Noel Witts).
The registration for the workshops will be open soon. For updates, access: