20 May 2014

   Adrian Tibu

Sibiu International Theatre Festival in Dance Steps

The 21st edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival proposes a fascinating journey into the world of dance through a season of performances that brings together on stage artists from three continents.

Dance has a special place in the program of this year's Sibiu International Theatre Festival, which will take place from June 6 to 15. Presenting provocative movements and rhythms of South America, Europe and Asia, the seventeen selected performances in the official program of Sibiu, take various forms and styles offering the audience an experience that instills energy.

Polish Dance Theatre - Poznań Ballet will open this year’s dance season in Sibiu with a show about the thirst to live and survive, which is characterized by combining contemporary dance with theatre and traditional Polish music. "Forty" makes a chronicle of the last forty years and the changes undergone by Poland and Europe, based on the biography of a woman. "They say life is like a book. But life is not a book. Life is written on thousands of leaflets. Surely, you can tell a story and say that the story is true. But in fact it is a matter of choice. To decide which are the papers and in what order you arrange them. And our story is like this", said the Norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren at the premiere held on June 15, 2013. Polish Dance Theatre - Poznań Ballet is the highest rated Polish avant-garde dance group and the show to be performed in Sibiu has been presented before, on tour in Poland, Norway and Russia.

Probably one of the most sensual appearances on stage in Sibiu this year will be the performance of the Spanish Rojas y Rodriguez (Nuevo Ballet Español) with the 'Cambio del Tercio.The production of the two Spanish choreographers is a flamenco show based on classical dance, jondo vocal style, Andalusian folk influences and a constant renewal with the XXI century trends. In this show, the two choreographers take the stage with six musicians and four exceptional dancers to create a sensational and passionate flamenco show.

The Spanish dance season continues with the presence of Cesc Gelabert, who brings his latest show to Sibiu, consisting of three solos presented in premiere and older shows, especially reinterpreted for this festival. The theme of the show is assuming the past in a present that looks to the future. "CESC Gelabert V.O. +" is an intelligent, high-class performance, with a magical corporality creating a sexy, neoclassical choreography, like a hybrid. Cesc Gelabert who won the Gold Medal for Performing Arts and the National Dance Award from the Spanish government, is recognized as one of the most influential Spanish dancers of all time.

Internationally recognized for its unique aesthetic concept in the art of dance, Maria Pages is bringing to Sibiu a flamenco - poetry show. "I wanted to dance on words, only on words, each with its own rhythm and cadence, with its own melody of sound," said the Spanish artist before her last show held in Toronto. In the most recent article published in The Japan Times, Maria Pages was named queen of flamenco and her performances are distinguished by movements full of tenderness and poetic expression.

Coming to Romania for the first time, the dance company “Cisne Negro” presents in Sibiu the performances “Revoada” (choreography: Rui Moreira) and “Mrs. Margaret” (choreography: Barak Marshall) in an eclectic program emphasizing traditions, with afro-Brazilian folklore and the joy of the Brazilian song as a starting point. “Cisne Negro” is one of the most dynamic dance companies in Brazil, as its dancers practice a variety of styles of ballet and contemporary dance. In the Sibiu International Theatre Festival,

“Dance Company Golde G.” presents a dance performance about the representation of the human body in a critical examination of our body and its normative picture. “KÖRPERbilder/The Body in Pictures” is a contemporary dance performance held in contrast to Johann Sebastian Bach’s classical music and makes a love statement to the human body as individuality.

Well-known to the Romanian audience for the mastery of their choreographies, Israeli dancers are a constant presence in the Sibiu Festival program. This year’s edition brings two performances from Israel for the first time in Romania: “Deca Dance” (Batsheva Ensemble) and “Open Source” (Maria Kong Dancers Company). “Deca Dance” is a retrospective compilation of the creations signed by the company’s artistic director, Ohad Naharin, distinguished with the prize Israel Dance (2005, Tel Aviv) and Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (1998, Paris). The performance coming to Sibiu is made up of series of extraordinary moves, on a thrilling soundtrack including both Israeli and Arab folk music as well as classical, rock and hip hop music. “Open Source” is an innovative creation which describes a participative concept. The term open source is used in computer programming language to refer to source codes which are open and accessible to everyone. This not only allows the joint development of new creations, but also the improvement of the program itself. Thus, the company has created the wireless gloves which allow the dancers to control the sound and light effects on stage and in real time.

Olivier Dubois (France), one of the best 25 dancers of the moment according to a top made by “Dance Europe” magazine in 2011, brings the performance “For all the Gold in the World / Pour Tout L'Or du Monde” to Sibiu. The French choreographer was invited in the official selection of the 2012 Avignon Festival and defines his creations as author works in which intensity of gestures and mechanical precision create a very energetic performance. “For all the Gold in the World / Pour Tout L'Or du Monde” is the chronicle of a martyr, a summary of a war, all on the sound of the “Swan Lake”. Ramirez and Hyun-Jung Wang are two contemporary dancers coming from the hip-hop stage. Their coproduction, “Monchichi”, was presented for the first time at the famous Théâtre de la Ville (Paris) as a debate on the topic of cultural differences. The project of the two choreographers and dancers defies the borders between classic and modern in a breathtaking creation based on an Everydayz / + ∞ original musical creation.

This year, the enigmas of Japanese art will be unveiled in Sibiu through two different performances of the Kanazawa Butoh Kan Company. Using personal experiences and feelings as a starting point, the director Moe Yamamoto and the choreographer Kei Shirasaka have created another kind of representation, unveiling the Butoh theatre dance code. “The Sea of Memories” and “Late Autumn Lightining” are part of the avant-garde Japanese dance styles, which are different from both Japanese traditional dance and modern Western dance. Yo Nakamura will also perform in the same Japanese season; she has won the SITF award at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013. The young Japanese dancer will present in Sibiu the performance “Sonata”, a love story full of charm, pain but also humor.

The 21st edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival will take place between June 6th and June 15th 2014. The complete program of the events can be consulted on

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