31 may 2017


Romanian premiers and other event performances at FITS 2017

This edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival also supports and promotes some of the most important theatre performances on the Romanian scene. The performances created by Romanian drama institutions - classical adaptations or modern approaches that present inspirational or everyday life stories - invite the public to rediscover the visions of our local directors.

Teatrul Național "Mihai Eminescu" from Timișoara presents "The Controversy of Valladolid", directed by Radu Jude. The performance is about the way in which the conquerors deal with the conquered. Otherness - related to ethnicity, colour, religion, gender etc. - as justification for abuse, torture and exploitation is a recurrent theme, which affects individuals, but also civilisation itself.

Bobi Pricop created a unique experiment at the Teatrul Tineretului in Piatra Neamț with the staging of "An Oak Tree" in which he casts Mircea Postelnicu in the leading role and another guest actor who does not know the script and who has not seen the performance beforehand, thus having to improvise during the whole performance. The project advanced by the director questions the nature of visible reality in performing arts.

Due to popular demand, Teatrul Național "Radu Stanca" Sibiu has scheduled another performance of "Metamorphoses" directed by Silviu Purcărete on June 10, 9:30 PM at Fabrica de Cultură. This performance at FITS 2017 is the last one that will take place in Sibiu. After that, the performance will be held in Esch on tour, where the setting will remain in place for future performances. The gift received by Sibiu in 2007 is returned in preparation for Esch European Capital of Culture 2022.

Also on June 10, 2 PM, another performance of "MAL/PRAXIS" was scheduled at Teatrul pentru Copii și Tineret GONG (upstairs hall). The most recent production of Bogdan Georgescu at TNRS is the last part of the trilogy “Howfarawayarewefromthecaveswegotoutof?”, the first two parts being “Antisocial” and “#minor”, which will be performed the same day.

Teatrul Nottara București presents "Winter", directed by Mihai Măniuțiu. The performance focuses on the inner monologue of the human being in dialogue with his destiny and death. In an abstract and ascetic setting, real and phantasmal bodies evolve in parallel worlds and they speak of the need for the other.

"Spring Awakening", directed by Vlad Cristache, focuses on the "generational divide" and the internal contradictions of young people, dissecting the rules, limits and secrets of adolescence. The performance presented by Teatrul Mic also includes live music performed by the Romanian alternative rock band, "FiRMA".

"None of your business", written by Cătălin Ștefănescu, is an adaptation of Ion Creangă's story, "Dănilă Prepeleac", staged by Teatrul ACT and directed by Alexandru Dabija. "Nowadays, Creangă’s wonderful story may seem funny to most of us, but it is actually disarmingly naive. However, valid questions that have been around for ages are raised along its paths and detours. Why shouldn’t you count your chickens before they are hatched? Why is stealing from someone who has made a fortune a justifiable act? Why are some people luckier than others? Why is money called the root of all evil? For all these questions, as well as for other more, there’s a saying that is often heard in Romania: None of your business!" (Cătălin Ştefănescu)

The public will have access to the events of Sibiu International Theatre Festival by purchasing tickets at the Theatre Agency, Nicolae Bălcescu Street no. 17 (opening hours: 29 May - 2 June, 9 AM - 8 PM; Saturday, 3 June and Sunday, 4 June, 10 AM - 3PM and 5 June - 18 June, 9 AM - 8 PM), as well as in the national network of Germanos, Orange and Vodafone stores, Humanitas and Cărturești book stores, or on-line, on the portal

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