19 February 2015

   Daniela Plopeanu

Registration for Sibiu Arts Market is now open!

The Sibiu Arts Market organizers launched at the beginning of February the invitation to register for the 19th edition of the Market (15-20th of June 2015), a Sibiu International Theatre Festival event.

Sibiu Arts Market represents a unique opportunity to meet other producers, programmers, artists and financing body representatives, as well as an opportunity to plan international tours.

During the 5 days of the Market, cultural operators and artists from Romania and abroad will meet and present, promote and discuss their own productions, the ongoing projects in the field of performing arts, researches and experimental projects in cross-sectorial fields (education, art, culture, research).

During the nineteen years of existence, The Sibiu Arts Market encouraged the participation of the artists/companies, as well as of programmers/delegates. Both access categories can present their artistic productions or the institution, participating at the Arts Market with fragments from the show, display booths or pitches in front of an audience. You can apply for the Market sending an application that includes a 3 minute presentation film of the live fragments in the show and after paying the participation fee.

The registration at the Sibiu Arts Market is open from January to April 2015, in three sessions and the registration fee differs according to the period and the type of pack chosen:

First registration session – deadline 20th February 2015.

Second registration session – deadline 20th of March 2015.

Third registration session – deadline 30th of April 2015.

For a better understanding of the way Sibiu Arts Market functions, the organizers recommend you to go to to see the access categories and the conditions of participation.

“The 2015 edition of the Sibiu Arts Market will be a huge landmark in the organization and presentation of this event. Apart from the major changes from the last two years (meetings between artists and theatre managers or national and international cultural institutes, workshops, presentations of financing sources), this year’s edition will benefit from the participation of famous festivals, such as Avignon, Hong Kong and Perth festivals, as well as European street, dance and circus festivals. Moreover, the great Open Markets in Japan, China, Canada, Australia and Singapore will be present at our Market. I advise all the artists and managers in the field of performing arts (theatre, dance, music, circus, folk groups and so on) to come to Sibiu Arts Market for an unprecedented dialogue which we are sure will generate valuable projects”, declared Constantin Chiriac, the president of Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

We invite you to join us in taking advantage of the diversity and quality of the extraordinary offer of this year’s Sibiu Arts Market. 

      © Dragos Dumitru