6 may 2017

   cristina ghinea

Over 3200 artists and guests, 503 performances and events, 72 countries at FITS 2017

The third set of tickets for the 24th edition of Sibiu International Theatre Festival, held this year between 9 - 18 June, is on sale. Thus, tickets for 44 more indoor performances are available for the festival's public.

There are only less than five weeks left until FITS 2017 kicks off, an edition which will take place under the headline "Love". As the festival audience has already gotten used to, this year's programme also includes some of the biggest names in performing arts from all over the world but also some of the most dynamic theatre, dance and circus companies who are ready to contribute to the wonderful festival atmosphere.

Among the performances for which tickets have just gone on sale there are those in the "Drama and Art Management Universities Convention" section and some other exceptional performances from Romania and abroad.

"Bonfire", an adaptation of the novel written by Gyorgy Dragoman and a TNRS production, is the result of a special collaboration between the theatres in Stuttgart, Dresden, Sibiu and Budapest. Director Armin Petras has worked in Dresden with six actresses from Germany, Romania and Hungary for this project. The result will be presented at FITS 2017, as well as before that, as a preview in Sibiu in the presence of the director.

"None of your business!" is an adaptation of Ion Creangă's story, "Dănilă Prepeleac", written by Cătălin Ștefănescu, staged by Teatrul ACT, directed by Alexandru Dabija. „Nowadays, Creangă’s wonderful story may seem funny to most of us, but it is actually disarmingly naive. However, valid questions that have been around for ages are raised along its paths and detours. Why shouldn’t you count your chickens before they are hatched? Why is stealing from someone who has made a fortune a justifiable act? Why are some people luckier than others? Why is money called the root of all evil? For all these questions, as well as for other more, there’s a saying that is often heard in Romania: “None of your business!”." (Cătălin Ştefănescu)

"A Simple Space" is an hour of simultaneously raw, frantic and delicate contemporary circus, in which seven skilled acrobats push their physical limits without reserve. Armed with nothing but brute strength and cat-like agility these acrobats break down their usual guards, introducing the reality of possible and sudden failures and weaknesses. With nothing left to hide behind, the personal narratives of each character shine through.

Another circus performance - this time from Switzerland - is a one-man show created and performed by David Dimitri. "Circus Man" is the manifesto of an artist "with the talent of a madman" (deemed so by the famous Maurice Béjart) who attempts to demonstrate the most daring of all circus performances. "Circus Man" is an innovative combination of acrobatics, high wire, music and trapeze moments performed by David Dimitri, the so-called "Lord of The Wire" (New York Times).

Besides the indoor theatre, dance, circus and music performances at FITS you can also take part in the outdoor street performances, play readings, special conferences, book launches, workshops, film screenings, the drama and art management universities convention or the Sibiu Performing Arts Market. Our proposal is a complex experience rounded by a high quality and uniquely diverse programme.

Over 3200 artists and guests will be coming to FITS 2017 with a selection of over 500 performances and events, produced in 72 countries from all over the world that will take place in 71 performance spaces.


The public will have access to the events of Sibiu International Theatre Festival by purchasing tickets at the Theatre Agency, Nicolae Bălcescu Street no. 17 (Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM - 6 PM and Sunday, 10 AM - 2 PM), as well as in the national network of Germanos, Orange and Vodafone stores, Humanitas and Cărturești book stores, or on-line, on the portal Entrance is free for outdoor events, as well as for special events (special conferences, play readings and part of the film screenings).

The programme of performances for Sibiu International Theatre Festival may be subject to change and its updated version will be available in due time on For any information necessary or if you have any questions related to the festival programme, please email us at

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