8 March 2014

   Adrian Tibu


The Sibiu International Theatre Festival declares the registration session for the volunteering program of the 21st edition of the festival open.

Discover the magic of the most important performing arts festival in Romania through a non-formal education program which brings together every year a community of over 500 volunteers coming from both Romania and abroad! The volunteers play a key part in the cultural sector, offering both vitality and innovative ideas. The biggest and most important platform promoting non-formal education through performing arts was built in Sibiu, due to to the International Theatre Festival and some other important events. This program was inaugurated within the Program Sibiu 2007 – European Capital of Culture.

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival volunteer program is designed to offer training and a variety of advantages specific to volunteering actions, among which: training opportunities, gaining experience so as to enable the finding of a better job, learning new things and acquiring useful skills, getting acquainted with different operational systems and organizational structures, being a member of a prestigious organization, and especially obtaining a nominal volunteer certificate which can influence the score at job competitions, when two or more candidates get equal scores (cf. Art. 17 in the Law for modifying and completing the Volunteering Law No. 195/2001). The first registration stage in this year’s volunteering program will be open until March 23rd. Those interested to participate in the interviews are asked to send their EUROPASS CVs at

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival Volunteering Program has existed since 1994 and is one of the distinctive elements of a spectacular event which began from a personal initiative, event which was and is possible thanks to the voluntary support of people sharing ideals, who offer their time and energy to both the community and Romania, so as to outline the community space where we can feel united and where dreams can come true. In 2012, the Volunteering Program launched the Europe-Asia Education Arch platform, which is a cooperation project with Asian countries (Korea, Japan, China, in 2012) in the field of non-formal and formal education through volunteering and internships for young professionals, students and graduates in the field of performing arts, with a focus on developing organizational skills regarding cultural events. “Through non-formal education, this program offers everyone the chance to perfect their personal and professional skills, focusing especially on collaboration and mutual help between members of the Sibiu community and participants from other areas of the country or the world. This school represents the only space where the training process lasts between 3 and 4 months, the volunteers being called at interviews in advance, being carefully selected and trained, as, during the festival, they get the same level of trust and responsibility as SITF employees” stated the project coordinator, Lavinia Alexe.

The Festival Volunteering Program is carried out in partnership with Asociaţia Proiect 1200, which manages the volunteer selection and training process. More details about this project can be found on the website

The 21st edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival will take place between 6 and 15 of June 2014.

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