21 november 2017

   cristina ghinea

FITS Special event
Culture and the army – two pillars of trust in dialogue

The monthly FITS special events continue in November with a majesty – culture in dialogue with the army: “Quietness and safety in order to dream”, Friday, the 24th of November, from 6 pm, at the Habitus Bookstore; the event brings together, in front of the public, prof. Prof. dr. habil. Constantin Chiriac și Brig. Gen. prof. univ. dr. ir. Ghiță Bârsan.

Culture as a phenomenon can flourish in a climate where safety is not questioned, as a primal need of each and every one of us. That is the reason because, this month, before Romania’s National Day, we have the honour as having as a dialogue partner Gen. Ghiță Bârsan, e remarkable personality with whom we will discuss what it means to provide the quietness so necessary for cultural creation and consumption in a contemporary world filled with conflict.
Information and biography of Brig. Gen. prof. dr. ir. Ghiță Bârsan HERE

“If we take a look at the polls made over time, the army has always held one of the highest percentages regarding public trust. When we speak about a personality like the Gen. Bârsan, we have to use superlative words. I am very glad that among the numerous personalities that FITS has brought in dialogue with us, the community, over time, the valuable people that the festival managed to bring together, we also have the chance of speaking and having a dialogue with a personality such as himself, who produces trust, who produces safety, who produces, in a way, light. Because without safety and trust you cannot rejoice in light. I believe that this is a special dialogue, because in few places around the world, a military leader would think beyond everything that a country’s security entails, but firstly, at what spiritual security means, what the soul’s need for beauty, quiet, knowledge and trust means. These are very important aspects that we invite you to discover in dialogue with Gen. Ghiță Bârsan, on the 24th of November”, declared Constantin Chiriac.

The event is brought to you by the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre of Sibiu, Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Dramatic Arts Department of LBUS and with the support of the Habitus Bookstore. Admission is free, within seat availability, and at the end, the public will have the opportunity to initiate a dialogue with the guests, in a Q&A session.

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