15 january 2015

   Adrian Tibu

FITS receives the High Patronage of the President of Romania

On the occasion of the National Day of Culture, the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, confirmed the granting of the High Patronage for the Sibiu International Theatre Festival. The XXII edition of the Festival will take place at Sibiu, between the 12th and 21st of June 2015.

“I hope that this awarding of the high patronage will constitute a strong symbol of the appreciation that Romania should offer to creation, theatre and culture in general.”, the letter signed by the President of Romania, Klaus Iohannis, reads. Klaus Iohannis also emphasized that the Sibiu Festival, along with the George Enescu Festival and the National Museum of Romanian History, can qualify among the important identity projects that Romania needs. The announcement was made on the occasion of the president’s participation at the event “The National Museum of Romanian History – A New Beginning”, organised in Bucharest, on the celebration of the National Day of Culture.

Over time the Sibiu International Theatre Festival has clearly shown how a community can be reinforced through culture and how it can find innovative and creative strategies, models and partnerships able to intimately integrate culture in the building and regeneration of the community. Sibiu International Theatre Festival is built as to provide opportunities for various issues, such as inclusion and social cohesion, education, tourism, heritage and urban regeneration at all levels. This event places culture at the centre of the city life and looks for inspiration in order to lead the community into the future.

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival represents the most complex annual festival in Romania, being acknowledged internationally as the third most important performing arts festival in Europe, as extent and dimensions, after the International Festival in Edinburgh (Great Britain) and the Avignon Festival (France). For ten days, at the middle of June, over 2500 artists from all around the world will be presenting 350 performances in front of an audience of over 600.000 people.

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