20 noiembrie 2017

   cristina ghinea

FITS is a member of the European Network on Cultural Management and Policy - ENCATC

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, through the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre of Sibiu, is the only performing arts structure in Romania, accepted with an Associate membership in ENCATC, the leading European network on cultural management and policy, counting 137 members, from 38 countries. The National Institute for Cultural Training and Research, subordinate organization of the Ministry of Culture and National Identity, is also part of this structure.

The mission of ENCATC is to lead the way in the development of cultural management within the context of great changes in the fields of culture, arts and media. In line with its mission and objectives, ENCATC provides to its members with regular information relevant to the professional sector, with opportunities to meet, exchange views and experiences; with advises and support with respect to European, education, training and related issues; with training possibilities for trainers and students, with partnership building opportunities and mechanisms. Moreover, the exchange of experience and know how within and outside the network often lead to the development of many transnational cooperation projects.

“We are delighted that you joined ENCATC, we hope that you will find stimulating to be part of the only European Network dealing with cultural management and cultural policy education and we trust that you will be able to contribute actively to its various activities”, said Giannalia Cogliandro Beyens, Secretary General ENCATC, to the FITS management.

As a member of ENCATC, the festival will contribute to the professionalization of the cultural sector to make it sustainable. Also, FITS representatives will be invited to participate in all organized meeting so as to be involved in developing the discussions and cultural exchanges platform, at a European and an international level.

“The experience that the Sibiu International Theatre Festival has gained through all the structures it has developed from its beginnings until today, will most certainly contribute to what creative dialogue in ENCTACT means, a network that has opened its doors to FITS. Thus, I would like to thank my friend, Manuèle Debrinay Rizos, who I have known for a long time and who is vice-president of ENCTACT. She has participated in numerous occasions in FITS, in the various positions she has had over time. A lady who loves Romania and has done extraordinary things for this country. I am certain that we will continue not only with the creative dialogue, but also by developing projects that are very necessary, first and foremost, for Romania and Sibiu”, declared Constantin Chiriac, president of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

      © Sebastian Marcovici