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   22 june 2019

   Cristina Ghinea

FITS has put on its Gala attire

Sibiu International Theatre Festival continues to give art to the thousands of beautiful souls who are open to experiencing culture.

The Art of Giving, the theme of the 26th edition of the festival, is a perfect combination between the experiences of the past and the vision of the future and, besides all the emotions that the festival has in store, last evening, the FITS organizers have expressed their gratitude for the major personalities in the field of performing arts during the ceremony held on the Walk of Fame, followed by the long-expected Gala.

The ceremony was presided by George Banu and moderated by Constantin Chiriac and Irina Margareta Nistor who unveiled six new stars: Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui – choreographer, dancer, Pippo Delbono – actor, director, Stan Lai – playwright, director, Maia Morgenstern – film and theatre actress, Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota – actor, director, Michael Thalheimer – director.
During the Walk of Fame Gala, which was held at Filarmonica de Stat, special prizes were also awarded for professional activity in the field of the performing arts: the “Virgil Flonda” prize was awarded to Florin Piersic Jr. and the “Iulian Vișa” prize was awarded to Andrei and Andreea Grosu. Two other special prizes were awarded to professor Noel Witts and to His Excellency Mr. Ambassador Emil Hurezeanu, and BRD Groupe Société Générale received the award for exceptional collaboration and partnership.

The long-expected dancers of Batsheva Dance Company were enthusiastically applauded during the finale of their first performance of “Venezuela”, which will also be performed today. The performance is sold-out. As always, “Faust”, directed by Silviu Purcărete, left the audience speechless but with a lot of thoughts to be later digested individually.

The tenth and final day of this edition of the festival also has a diverse programme: in Habermann Market, the Small Square and the Nicolae Bălcescu street the artists continue to generously create new universes through their street performances. Also this evening, the Large Square is getting ready to present the final performances on the programme and from 9:45 PM we will be able to witness a new performance produced by Plasticiens Volants company that reinvents the fantasies of master Leonardo da Vinci using grandiose aerial sculptures. The performance will be followed by a live concert of RADIO ELVIS with a sound combining elements of rock, punk and pop.

Starting this evening and until August 4, ASTRA Museum invites the audience to enter a unique atmosphere created by colors and lights during Lantern Festival – China in 20 legends – a light exhibition that is special and unique in the world. Each installation represents a legend or a Chinese symbol: Panda Land, Four Seasons, Chinese New Year, Flower Passage, Insect Concert, the Good Road, Dragon, Blooming Day or the Greeting Gate.

The indoor programme of this last day of #FITS2019 includes performances that must not be missed by any performing arts’ enthusiast: at TNRS from 4 PM , “Li Yaxian”, an impressive Chinese performance of the famous opera. Also at 4 PM, you can choose between “K. Tempest” – Shakespeare Made in Japan, or “A Streetcar named Popescu” by TNRS. One hour later, the audience has the difficult choice between the performances of “A to Z Fados”, “Peer Gynt” or “Venezuela”. The festival-goers may end their day and the festival with indoor performances of “UK Gospel Choir Tour performance”, “I am a Blind Man” or “Cage Shuffle”.

FITS organizers have developed a questionnaire to take a closer look at the preferences, desires and expectations of the festival audience and would like to ask culture lovers - who have attended the festival or not - to grant them 15 minutes of their time by completing this questionnaire: bit.ly/ChestionarFITS

      © Sebastian Marcovici