7 november 2016

   Cristina Ghinea

FITS and TNRS present special events all throughout the year
Special conference - Constantin Chiriac in dialogue with the rector of the “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu, Ioan Bondrea, and H.E. Mr. Ambassador Emil Hurezeanu

Starting this autumn, the special events during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) will take place throughout the entire year, so that the spectators will have the chance to participate at conferences, book launches, exhibitions, play-reading performances and meet great personalities of culture, but not only, as an extension of the unique happenings they get to experience during the festival. This initiative was made possible through the collaboration of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu, “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu through its Department of Drama and Theatre Studies, and the Habitus Bookshop.

Along the years Sibiu International Theatre Festival created an institution of the dialogue between a community and its artists, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the personalities who create coherent projects for the community, in cooperation with international artists.

Constantin Chiriac explains the necessity and the concept of these events, designed as a dialogue with the community:

“When Eugenio Barba responded to my invitation and came to Sibiu for the first time, he said: “This is, in my opinion, the biggest cultural festival in the world, considering the quality, the openness, the proportions, but also its diversity.”

In all I do, I bear in mind, with a mathematical rigor, the open nature of truth and beauty, so the need to develop this formula of dialogue with great artists of the world, with the audience developed at Sibiu, but also with the potential public that wishes to become a part of this audience, of this family created by the festival, this need arose naturally.

Even if there are other resources in our country, they are poorly administered, and for us to catch up with the great nations that also have the advantage of technology, the only chance is using the type of intelligence and vision that can only transpire from great personalities. Not incidentally, Eminescu said: Personality is the utmost good. This is why I believe it is necessary to meet personalities that, in their turn, carry faith and truth, genuine examples for their capacity to create, to build something credible, to impact the audience that step by step will develop a desire for dialogue, the capacity to disseminate together questions that trouble us all and we all try to answer, coming up with more relevant questions.

This formula of presenting different personalities, probably from all areas of culture, is also a reason to be proud that Sibiu manages to attract worthy persons from all around the world. Because these worthy persons are, in their turn, interested in our experience and the credibility we built through the festival, with the theatre school, the performing arts market, the theatre’s activity. At the same time, these projects are also thought out from the perspective of creating the new research institute, along with the new congress centre, the new theatre - a coherent, unique, healthy endeavour that is envisioned on a long term basis.

Emil Hurezeanu is the first personality we will meet with the occasion of these events, and this is not by chance. He is a remarkable example for this city’s enfant terrible, a rascal who would have the girls smitten and charm them with poetry, inner beauty, who knew how to gather his friends around him. When I first arrived to Sibiu, as a young actor, a group of intellectuals was created, people who knew how to entertain themselves in a pleasant manner, who knew how to dream beautifully, who knew how to create. He soon left Sibiu, as a universal messenger of the city’s need for dialogue. He left and came back victorious, as a representative of a strong fortress which sends those chosen by the city and destiny out in the world, the same as in the case of Brukenthal or many other personalities of this fortress, people who built the foundation for a good image and trustworthiness, beauty and inner law of this unconquered city. This is why the Sibiu Walk of Fame was created there, between the defence walls, because the only ones who conquered our city are the artists.

All societies need this kind of people and therefore we will talk to Mr. Hurezeanu about the power of the city, the power of the fortress, the power of a community established and consolidated through written and unwritten laws. All these subjects are consistently related because we are talking about visions, about people who carry great value. The names of the guests who will follow Mr. Hurezeanu in future events will be equally important and interesting because of their impact on the community, their belief, their vision, their need to communicate and express themselves.”

The first conference, held under the theme “The power of the city”, brings in front of the audience H.E. Mr. Ambassador Emil Hurezeanu, the ULBS rector Ioan Bondrea and Constantin Chiriac. The event is scheduled for Thursday, November 10th 2016, from 6pm, at the Habitus Bookshop.

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