13 june 2018

   Oltea zambori

Eclectic programme on the sixth day of FITS 2018

On 13 June is the opening of Luminarium Katena in Piața Mică; the installation can be found there until 17 June (inclusively) between 11 AM and 8:30 PM. Architects of Air create luminaria - monumental sculptures designed to move people to a sense of wonder at the beauty of light and colour. From Hawaii to Hong Kong, Lithuania to Lebanon, the Bilbao Guggenheim to the Sydney Opera House, more than 3 million people around the world have been enchanted by Architects of Air’s luminaria since the company’s foundation in 1992. Designed by company founder Alan Parkinson, the luminaria are inspired by natural forms, geometric solids and Islamic & Gothic architecture. The name “Katena” reflects the inspiration of the "catenary curve" - the elegant shape that a chain creates when hung between 2 points - a shape that harmonises with the organic pneumatic forms of the luminarium.

On 13 and 14 June, Fanfara de la Cozmești will be back in Sibiu for an itinerant show on Nicolae Bălcescu Street and in Parcul Astra. Fanfara de la Cozmeşti was founded almost 120 years ago, and it is the oldest brass band in the country, with deep roots in our culture and tradition, winning numerous trophies and awards at festivals and competitions, thanks to its interpretation technique, unique and unmistakable, performing any kind of music without any difficulty, only live, „by ear”, without knowing the musical notes, starting from our local music, hora and sârba, and continuing with Balkan music, pop or gypsy.

"Hamlet, Prince of Denmark", a production of Metropolis Theatre Bucharest, will be performed at 6 PM, at "Radu Stanca" National Theatre. From the point of view of Mr. Victor Ioan Frunză, "Hamlet" is a "Kammerspiel", a family drama. The performance analyzes in depth what it is not allowed to explore in the linear. The characters breathe, sweat, hope and suffer painfully close to the audience. In this adaptation of "Hamlet", the audience does not "watch life unfolding through the keyhole". The audience is at the heart of the events, it is the characters' closest witness, their confidant and finally the judge of their crimes. Far from the bookish character of other adaptations, the script is "fiery". As if they were running out of time, the characters experience this tragedy of the memory with intensity. Perfectly matching the live music, the performance exudes a "larger than life" attitude, managing to recreate the tragedy through the use of small gestures, everyday happenings and by opposing artificiality.

Also on 13 June, "Lurrak", a contemporary circus show, directed by Adrian Schvarzstein, will take place at 6 PM, at Filarmonica de Stat. The scenery of this performance is a factory close to the Bilbao river, in the middle of the 20th century. In there, several people work long hours during day and night. Their condition is close to slavery. The job in this factory is music and circus. The actions are carried away through balance and aerial stunts guided by the rhythm of unique Basque musical instruments. "Lurrak" is a musical show of contemporary circus that tells the story of a rebellion in a small community, when a group of men and women face the abuse they suffer in their workplace. The characters shift between the absurd, the comic and the working class tradition linked to the factory environment of the 60’s.

Piața Habermann will also host an incredible show, part of a project called Poetic Invasions of the Cities (PIC), namely the Italian performance "Shock Em All". A drummer and juggler come across some balls and a drum set. The outcome is an action-packed show which could not be more infectious. LA SBRINDOLA stage an extroverted, bizarre juggling style together with driving rhythms! This fusion of art forms results in an unpredictable energy which closely resembles a creased frenzy… and will certainly pull the audience from their seats!

To make the morning better, Julius Meinl provides the coffee during the daily press conferences held at Habitus Bookstore.

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