14 january 2015

   Adrian Tibu

Big Bang!

The XXII edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival will start on Friday, the 12th of June this year, with a spectacular outdoor performance created by the French company Plasticiens Volants. The event will be held in the Big Square in Sibiu, and no entry fee will be charged.

“We are preparing a full-grown edition, in view of the promise of being the most complex performing arts festival ever organized in our country. Sibiu represents the stage of an European city, a city that knows how to preserve its beauty, and we are proud of this.”, Constantin Chiriac, the director of the Sibiu Festival declared. The XXII edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival will be held between the 12th and 21st of June 2015.

After opening the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, the World Cup in 1998 and the 2003 edition of the Tour de France, the French artists of Plasticiens Volants have become known worldwide for their original street performances in which the gigantic characters come to life with the help of helium. This will be the company’s second time at Sibiu, after their participation in 2008, when they had three shows during the XV edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

This year the French artists will guide gigantic inflatable structures on the Sibiu sky, during two music and light performances that will be combined with pyrotechnics: “Big Bang” (Friday, June 12th) and “Little Nemo in Slumberland” (Sunday, June 14th). Big Bang is an impressive visual saga about the birth of the Universe, representing the meeting place of artists on stilts and inflatable characters suspended in an aerial choreography that takes your breath away. The French artists needed three years to develop this show, so that they design and test the inflatable structures, which may even exceed 15 metres in length. “Little Nemo in Slumberland” is a performance where the main characters are 10-metre tall inflatable puppets, that will be steered above the audience, so as to make the imagination run wild. Little Nemo is a cartoon strip character created by Winsor McCay in 1905 and marketed in a series of comics in the New York Herald Tribune. The performance in Sibiu recreates a world of dreams and colours where, with a subtle humour, the most unusual travels of the subconsciousness take place. The organizers will bring over 600 cubic metres of helium for the shows in Sibiu and will mobilize a technical team consisting of over 35 engineers and handlers.

The XXII edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival aims to continue the tradition of bringing a cultural offer of the highest level. For ten days, the city of Sibiu transforms into a huge stage with artists from all over the world, who bring forward interesting theatre, dance, music, circus and installations performances, but who can also present exhibitions, conferences, book launches or movies. The events take place in more than 60 locations, such as public squares, churches, historical sites, pubs and the classical theatre halls.

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival represents the most complex annual festival in Romania, being acknowledged internationally as the third most important performing arts festival in Europe, as extent and dimensions, after the International Festival in Edinburgh (Great Britain) and the Avignon Festival (France).

The programme of the XXII edition will be available on, starting with April 2015.

      © Pierre Gentier