4 may 2017

   cristina ghinea

Asian Shakespeare, a Russian script in Hungarian and a circus performance at FITS 2017!

At this edition of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, the classical style comes in surprising combinations, staged in a contemporary fashion, which cover the human soul and offer inspiration through original creations.

Thus, Our Theatre & Ryuzanji Company from China and Japan present a play directed by Ryuzanji Show, a performance that places Shakespeare in a contemporary Asian setting. "Macbeth: Paint it, Black!" opens with an anti-war monologue and ends with the suggestion of cultivating hope against the endless struggle for power. "One of the most important performances discovered in Asia, the revelation of major festivals in Taipei, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo and Australia, Macbeth: Paint it, Black! is a Chinese-Japanese production, which is currently courted by all major festivals around the world. You should hurry up and get your tickets for the two performances that will take place on June 14th at Fabrica de Cultura, Eugenio Barba hall, in which the theatre company will invest a lot of effort", said Constantin Chiriac.

Teatrul Maghiar de Stat Cluj is coming to FITS with "The Lower Depths", a play by Maxim Gorki, directed by the famous Yuri Kordonsky. The play depicts, almost literally, a world on the brink of collapse. In the lower depths, God is not really present, he only exists for some characters, but even they are struggling, asking questions that are hardly ever answered. The question is: how far can humanity go before it ceases to exist?
"The Lower Depths is one of the most important performances created in Romania in the last few years, with excellent roles, nominated for several acting awards and with a set design in which Dragoș Buhagiar exceeds his own limits. Yuri Kordonsky, who is currently a professor at Yale University, creator of great performances at Bulandra Theatre and Sibiu National Theatre, disciple of Lev Dodin, offers a touch of immense mastery to this unmissable performance!", added the President of FITS.

Also this year, arriving all the way from Australia, Circa Contemporary Circus comes to Sibiu with the performance "Humans", directed by Yaron Lifschitz.
Ten acrobats lead us through a hectic journey of what it means to be human and the way in which our bodies, connected to our aspirations, are part of who we are. Demonstrating incredible strength and integrity, they link each moment creating a breathtaking performance. Constantin Chiriac recommends this company, declaring that it is "one of the greatest theatre, circus and acrobatics company in the world, which has won countless international awards. Circa Contemporary Circus company from Australia, the delight of major stages in America, Europe and Asia, will return on a great European tour to the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, where their shows were always sold-out."

Tickets for FITS performances can be purchased at the Theatre Agency, Nicolae Bălcescu Street no. 17, in the national network of Germanos, Orange and Vodafone stores, Humanitas and Cărturești book stores, as well as on-line, on the portal Ticket prices vary from 10 to 40 lei. We look forward to see you at the festival and be part of the FITS story!

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