15 May 2013

   ioana mălău

ART + DIALOG | Open call SITF 2013

Sibiu International Theatre Festival announces a open call for application for two playwriting workshops with writers Sikorska-Miszczuk and Esteve Soler, held between 9th -15th  June 2013, in Sibiu. The workshops are opened to anyone interested in writing plays or film scripts.

Deadline: 30th May, 2013

We invite artists to submit a short C.V. with previous projects and an extract of  8-10 pages of a text that they are working on (play, film script, novel, poetry), or a video link of  a performance/film done by them. The applicants must have an adequate knowledge of English. Proposals should be submitted up until May 30th, 2013, by mail at:

Playwriting workshop with Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk 
9th-11th June 2013 
Conference Room, Museum of Universal Ethnography “Franz Binder”, Little Square, nr 11. Sibiu 

Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk is a playwright and scriptwriter. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science as well as the Gender Studies Program of the University of Warsaw. She is also a graduate of the Scriptwriting Program of the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. She made her debut in 2004 with the play Psychotherapy for Dogs and Women at the Teatr Rozmaitości in Warsaw. Her works have been read and performed in numerous countries including Poland, Sweden, Germany, Austria and the USA – Loose Screws, The Death of the Squirrel Man, Catherine de Medici, The Mayor, The Suitcase, A Chocolate-Coated Man from Poland, Lost Czechoslovakia, Bruno Schulz: The Messiah, III Furies, Popiełuszko. Her plays have been translated into more than a dozen languages and staged by theatre directors such as Jan Klata, Marcin Liber or Michał Zadara. She has won numerous awards and distinctions, including the Grand Prix and the Audience Award in the 2008 Metaphors of Reality competition, the Grand Prix at the 2009 Dwa Teatry Festival in Sopot and the 2012 Prix Bohemia (Czech Republic). In 2012, she was awarded the prestigious Gdynia Drama Award for the play Popiełuszko.

Playwriting workshop with Esteve Soler

Learning from the new classics: Pinter, Mamet, LaBute, Kane ;
12th-15th June 2013 ;
10:00-14:30 ;
Conference Room, Museum of Universal Ethnography “Franz Binder”, Little Square, nr 11. Sibiu ;

During four days the students will learn the different and fascinating method of four playwrights that must be in the category of ‘new classics’. At the same time, we are going to imitate their style in a series of exercises that will be show in front of an audience.        Esteve Soler is a playwright who trained at Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre and at the Sala Beckett, where he gives classes on playwriting. Since 2008, the trilogy formed by his works Against progress, Against love and Against democracy has been translated into nine languages (English, French, German, Rumanian, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Danish and Czech), while nearly 40 directors have offered their own interpretations of the works in countries such as Germany, England, the United States, France, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Venezuela and Chile. He has formed part of the official sections of the Theatertreffen and Literaturfestival festivals, both held in Berlin, and of the French festival La Mousson d’Été (twice). Some of his other works have premiered at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Jo sóc un altre!) and the Teatre Lliure (Davant de l’home). Against Democracy was awarded the 2012 Serra d'Or prize for best play of the year.