21 february 2017

   Cristina Ghinea

Apply now for the 21st edition of the Sibiu Performing Arts Market!

Artists and companies, festival directors and producers, programmers and sponsors in the performing arts sector can now apply to the Arts Market until April 11th. The event will take place during 12-17 June.

The Sibiu Performing Arts Market is an opportunity to meet producers, buyers, sponsors and promoters of quality artistic creations, and to explore the possibilities of organising international tours. The activities proposed by organizers – presentations, conferences, workshops, meetings, social activities – aim at creating opportunities to meet local and international artists, to promote productions and expand your list of contacts.

The registration period comprises three sessions, and those who wish to establish new professional connections with participants from Romania or any other place in the world, or simply present their activity to the target audience, can apply by filling in the form available on Sibiu Performing Arts Market’s page, on sibfest. Registration is open to those who wish to play an active role in The Market, as well as to those who only wish to promote their business in the catalogue and in the online environment, according to the three options made available by the organizers, in both registration sessions:

  • First registration session – deadline March 12th, 2017

  • Second registration session – deadline April 11th, 2017

Complete information about registration periods, packages offered and recommendations from organizers is available on the webpage of The Market, under the sections Key Terms, Conditions for Registration, and Fees and Periods. A guide offering support in filling out the form correctly is available to those who wish to apply. Moreover, the guide also offers recommendations meant to help participants promote themselves in a professional manner, within the framework of international dialogue.

The Arts Market provides the context for promoting artistic projects and establishing partnerships in performing arts, through its international opening. The Market is a meeting point for artists, producers, managers, directors of cultural institutions, festival managers, representatives of cultural centres in Romania and abroad. Its international character and the quality of the meetings taking place at The Market are based on the experience of the project Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007, as well as the complex cultural offer provided by the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

The Sibiu Performing Arts Market program comprises different activities, conceived around the idea of starting a dialogue among the participants. The conferences propose current topics for discussion in the creative industries and cultural sectors, providing constant opportunities for collaboration. On the other hand, workshops focus on sharing experiences and lifelong learning. The program proposes, apart from new, specific events, adapted to the national and international cultural realities, a series of conferences, workshops and successful meetings we had in the previous editions.

The Sibiu Performing Arts Market, the only market organized in Romania in the fields of performing arts, cultural management, performance creation and artistic management, has proven, during its 20 years of existence, to be the artists’ platform for dialogue and, at the same time, to have the capacity to promote structures and artists producing performances in Romania, while maintaining a dialogue with the greatest similar structures in the world, especially with producers, distributors, artists and the press around the world.

I have mentioned in previous interviews that, if the Festival of Avignon and the International Festival in Edinburgh have contributed to the development of the two areas, Off and Fringe, in which, unfortunately, more than 80% of the presented productions are less than mediocre, the organizers of SITF have decided that the local and international audience coming to Sibiu must not be intoxicated with subculture. This is the reason why we have decided to replace the experience offered by Fringe and Off with the Sibiu Performing Arts Market, where all the artists have the possibility to promote themselves, to promote their projects, to meet great creators, great distributors, festival directors, managers, sponsorship opportunities, important personalities in the field, so that they can present their work, and receive support and appreciation and have the opportunity to grow under the sign of dialogue.

The Sibiu Performing Arts Market, celebrating 21 years of existence – namely its American coming of age – will offer the possibility to all the artists in Romania, to all institutions, associations, performance-producing structures, to connect within this international meeting under the sign of challenge.

We are opening the possibility to apply to The Market, at the same time, presenting the events we wish to develop within the Sibiu Performing Arts Market, so that all Romanian and foreign participants can take this extraordinary and unique opportunity in the Romanian environment. You are welcome!
”, said Constantin Chiriac, president of The Sibiu Performing Arts Market.

The activities presented in The Market have developed year after year, allowing a better interaction among the participants. The 2017 edition proposes a major change in the format of the event. A new exhibition space will be put in place, more functional, to allow each participant to get in touch with the organizations present.

The social activities presented in the first day of The Market will take place in a picturesque tourist area, where participants can discover local landscapes and Romanian traditional foods, while establishing connections and meeting new people in a friendly, informal environment.

Meetings and classes with great choreographers”, “Festivals in the 21st century. Who is the audience, how do we organize them, how do we finance them?”, Cultural conversations, as well as the conference on European Capitals of Culture, will be organized this year too.

The workshop Meetings and classes with great choreographers is structured in two parts: theory – an introduction and short presentation of movement concepts and principles used in the creation of a performance, and a practical part – experimenting working methods. The workshop is aimed at people who are passionate about contemporary dance and want to explore its forms. Participation is free, subject to availability. Aditi Mangaldas, Brenda Angiel, Silvia Macrea, Amir Kolben, Barak Marshall and Jin Xing are only a few of the professionals who have shared their own working methods and techniques with the participants (students, actors, young choreographers) of previous editions of The Market.

Another successful workshop taking place within the Sibiu Performing Arts Market, “Festivals in the 21st century. Who is the audience, how do we organize them, how do we finance them?”, brings together young festival producers, arts or cultural management students, members of cultural institution departments and other people interested in organizing festivals. The discussion focuses on identifying the key characteristics of each festival presented from the point of view of program creation, geographical position, strategic objectives, the essential relationship that festivals have developed with artists, producers and the local, national and international community, as well as the diversity of funding sources and individual financial support received from all over the world.
Nelson Fernandez, Director of NFA International Arts & Culture, United Kingdom, is hosting the event that will span for three days.

Noel Witts, the well-known professor at Leeds Beckett University, will continue to host Cultural Conversations, the series of interviews with guests invited to FITS. You are welcome at Atrium Cafe, to an informal, sincere and friendly meeting, to find out more about the backstage of artistic creation.

Another meeting within The Market will bring together representatives of the European Capitals of Culture designated from 2017 to 2021. Every year, personalities from the Romanian Ministry of Culture and from the cities that are about to receive the title of European Capital of Culture, as well as representatives from the European Commission join the discussion.
These meetings aim at promoting the programs proposed by the cultural capitals, and at offering opportunities for partnerships.

This year, we celebrate an iconic moment: 10 years since Sibiu, alongside Luxemburg, held the title of European Capital of Culture, in 2007. The partnership between the two cities is an outstanding example of development and continuity of the concept of European Capital of Culture.

The program proposed by The Market’s organizers includes workshops on professional and impact presentations, a conference about rehabilitated industrial spaces and, for the first time in the history of the event you can find out the “secrets” of the organizers of some of the most important music festivals in Romania and in Europe.

The Sibiu Performing Arts Market (12-17 June 2017) is an associated structure of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (9-18 June 2017), the most complex annual performing arts festival in Romania.

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