18 april 2019

   Cristina Ghinea

A New Set of FITS Tickets is Up for Sale Starting Today!

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS) launches the second set of tickets for this year’s event. The third and last set of FITS tickets will be put up for sale on 14 May.
The 26th edition of FITS is scheduled for 14-23 June and includes 540 events with foreign guests from over 70 countries, that will take place in 75 venues in and around the city of Sibiu.

‘The Theatre Festival is a giant multidimensional puzzle made up of hundreds of performances and venues, which we joyfully lay out in such a way that each edition is complete for the audience. I am happy to announce the timely launch of a new set of tickets to those who appreciate beauty, so people can plan everything until the Festival begins!’ - Constantin Chiriac, Manager of TNRS and President of FITS

The shows put up for sale today include the 28 events that will happen in churches, such as Fado interpreted by Teresa Tapadas, as well as gospel concerts, a genre that is more and more appreciated by Festival goers, held by UK Gospel Choir and Gospel Touch Choir, both from the UK. Original soul or jazz songs reinterpreted for gospel, but also other well-known pieces, like those from the Sister Act films will be heard in the churches included on the FITS map.

Moreover, this year, the series of performances dedicated to the NATO forces continue at the Land Forces Academy, and at GONG Theatre: 17 BORDER CROSSINGS, an American performance by artist Thaddeus Phillips, a harrowing, yet comical look at the imaginary lines that divide up the world and the very real barriers they create.
This section also includes Cage Shuffle and Our Country.

This new set of tickets also comprises shows such as:

Cats, a concert-performance by “Matei Vișniec” Theatre in Suceava, which paints a world where cats take our place, as well as our problems! Feline characters take turns to sing their troubles and joys, as their stories interweave into a single fabric.

Finding Now, a blend of hip-hop dance and baroque music by Théâtre de Suresnes (France). Guided by choreographer Andrew Skeels, five dancers prove that two music styles developed centuries apart can be synonymous with tension and relaxation, delicateness and intimacy, balance and fragility. In 2018, this show received the title of Best contemporary dance performance in France.

What Can I Offer You?, directed by Chris Simion-Mercurian, the first theatre play written by the famous French essayist and novelist Pascal Bruckner for Grivița 53 – the first theatre that we built together. An effervescent situation comedy with a client who doesn’t know what to choose from the vast menu, and a waitress who wants to offer her everything: we are the product of our choices; what sets us apart is humour and the courage to change our subjective perspective as often as possible.

George Mihăiță. The Reenactment of One’s Life is a production by the Comedy Theatre in Bucharest, written, directed and performed by George Mihăiță: A little over an hour of stripped recollections about my life, showing myself to the audience as I am: George Mihăiță, film and theatre actor, in love with poetry, father, creator of a magazine for teenagers… an honest man behind all his roles, who tells stories in words and pictures.

Relic is a Greek production. Euripides Laskaridis is the director, choreographer, dancer and set designer of this show that shifts restlessly between the peculiarly poignant and the utterly bizarre. This outrageously engaging solo, crafted in the heated heart of the Greek crisis, takes playful risks out far from the norm to test the limits of our acceptance when it comes to things incongruous and unfamiliar.

In a forest dark and deep (ArtEst Foundation & unteatru), by Neil LaBute, is directed by Iarina Demian and performed by Tudor Chirilă and Mihaela Sârbu.
The story may sound simple: two brothers are stuck in a house during a storm, but none of them is what seems to be, and the stake of their encounter is one that cannot be uttered, let alone accepted.

Moș Nichifor, by Teatrul ACT (Romania), is directed by Alexandru Dabija, based on “Moș Nichifor Coțcariul” by Ion Creangă, performed by Ruxandra Maniu and Marcel Iureș.
Creangă’s provocative orality was imprinted to his prose, creating an allusive, insinuating and humorous dramaturgy. The show is about the collision of two generations and of two ways of seeing the world: one conservative and ironical-traditional, the other modern and aggressive in its frailty.


Tickets put up for sale today can be bought at the Theatre Agency (17 Nicolae Bălcescu), from Tuesday to Saturday, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m., and on Sundays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.
For online tickets and further information about performances of FITS 2019, access

Online tickets on the Festival website are sold at the same price as in the Theatre Agency.


      © Euripides Laskaridis/Osmosis “RELIC” - ph. Miltos Athanasiou